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    How to save PDF with fill forms?


      There's anybody who knows out to save documents with fill forms?





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          Vaibhav Padlikar Community Member

          The PDF form would get "auto" saved  once the PDF Form is closed or taken to background. If you close it and re-open you should see the filled in data.

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            Pat Wibbeler techies

            Further, if you'd like to save it outside of the device, I recommend emailing it using the share button. Unfortunately, the PDF preview you'll see in your ipad's email client will not show the saved content. However, the email recipient should see it if they open it in Adobe Reader or another reader that supports viewing filled in forms.

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              I am having the same issue. I made a few forms using Acrobat opened them in Reader for iOS and was able to input text. However this text does not save when I email the document or upload it to Dropbox. When I open the doc on the PC using reader the text is not displayed unless I double click the text field box and the text is displayed but it will not actually save to the document. See the screen vid I made: http://screencast.com/t/V9p2BrtlCfg


              Also, as you can see in the video, the signature is saving OK (its the one in blue)


              Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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                Vaibhav Padlikar Community Member

                Hi icesared79 ,


                As a *workaround* , Can you please try changing the preferences for showing Highlight Colors for Adobe Reader on PC, you can find this at Edit -> Preferences-> Forms-> under Highlight Color section -> Show border Hover Color for fields.  Also try unchecking Show focus Rectangle under General section. 


                Try opening the pdf filled form from your iOS device again on your pc, and let us know if you still do not see the data you filled up.


                If this does not work then it might be a new issue. as for your earlier observation , the data is not lost and is present in the PDF. However, desktop reader doesn't show it with default settings, it is a known bug that we would try to fix in future releases on iOS. 


                Let us know if this workaround works and helps you.