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    Panel is not showing as an Extension in Photoshop CS5 (Windows 7 OS)

    marcensseraph Level 1

      I'm attempting to create a panel using Configurator 2.0 (using Windows 7 OS) for Photoshop CS5, and can't get it to show at all in my Window>Extensions menu. I have ran the program as Administrator, and it gives me a successful save message, but once I try to export (which says it is successful as well) then reboot photoshop it doesn't show it at all. I have searched and searched to see what I have been doing wrong, but I can't get it to show. I've also tried installing it via Adobe Extension manager, but it says the file is missing. I simply have no idea how to fix it. Any advice here would be appreciated.

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          todd_M-wGWOe1 Level 1

          I too am having the exact same issue, I just started up a new win7 machine and have all new installs of my adobe software and tried to recreate the configurator panel I created in my Vista version and I can't get it to show.



          I did get it to work by playing around with the extensions manager. I wish I could remember exaclty what I did but I think I basically dragged the folder that contained the extension file onto the ext man and then it said I couldn't do it because I wasn't administrator and asked me if I wanted to do it form the other user which was the computer name so I said yes and it worked. I don't know if this helps but I thought I'd let you know.

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            jimbc1127 Level 1

            pretty much the same issue, new windows 7 computer can not export to panels folder. Can export to desktop then drag to panels folder ,but it doesnt show up in photoshop. can not drag to extention manager, cant import using import button on extention manage it says i dont have permission ( i am administrator)