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    Skip button operation issue


      I have Quiz slides with the Skip button showing. My Quiz is set to "Answer All" and allowing to Go back. All my Quiz slides are set to 3 attempts for multiple-choice, and 2 for True-false.

      When I first enter a Quiz slide, the Skip button doesn't work (as it should be), so I can only answer and Submit. But if I submit the wrong answer, I can click on the skip button and will take me to the next slide. If I didn't change the previous answer, then the wrong answer will be summited by just clicking Skip.


      How can make sure that Skip doesn't work for all the max attempts set for a question?  I'm using skip as a "Next" button in case I go back after I submitted a question and must provide a way to go to the Next slide.

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          met547 Newcomer

          I'm using Image Buttons for all functions: Back, Skip, Next, Submit. After a couple of tests,  found that if I use Text Buttons for Skip and Submit, the Quiz slide works just fine. If I change buttons to Image, then Quiz slide behaves as mentioned before.


          I'm assuming I can use Image Buttons for Quiz slides? Or isn't allowed?

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            RodWard Mythic

            I would recommend you use a widget to hide the Skip button when doing the Quiz and only show it when Review Quiz has been invoked by the user. (Send me a private message with your email address and I will send you the widget file.)


            That's what I do in all my quizzes.  Your users can still move to the next question after exhausting their allowed attempts by clicking anywhere on screen.  That's how Captivate quiz slides work.  You don't actually require the Skip button to move forward after Submitting a correct answer or exhausting all allowed attempts.

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              met547 Newcomer

              Hi RodWard, I got the widget. Thanks. But I'm still having some problems.


              My project allows to go back in the middle of a quiz. If I finish the quiz and go back, then the skip button appears and everything works fine. But if I go back let's say, after one question, when I pass a quiz slide already answered, the Submit button is still showing, but the skip button is not. Of course, Submit doesn't work and since skip is not showing, there's no way to go to the next slide.

              What am I doing wrong here?

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                RodWard Mythic

                You're allowing backward movement in a quiz.  My advice to you is to turn off backward movement via Quiz Settings.  It causes too many issues.


                The widget is designed to work in Quiz Review only. So it's not going to hide anything until then.

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                  met547 Newcomer

                  You're right Rod, it's a pain. What do you suggest for backward movement in a quiz, Advanced Actions and Scripting?

                  Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate.

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                    RodWard Mythic

                    You misunderstood me.  Your previous post had asked what you were doing wrong.  And I answered that you were allowing backward movement in the quiz.  What I meant was that this was your mistake.


                    I find that only allowing users to go forward from one question to the next once they enter the quiz eliminates many potential issues.


                    So don't worry about trying to achieve it with Advanced Actions or any other method.  Just turn off backward movement in quiz settings, and enjoy.

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                      met547 Newcomer

                      Thanks Rod. I did just that and working Ok.


                      I posted another quation about navigation issues when using Image Buttons on Quiz slides. Having problems with this big time. Any input?

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                        RodWard Mythic

                        No.  I've not seen the other issue.  PLease mark this current issue as answered.