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    LR4 & LR4.1 RC - What's Happend - I Really don't like spending Money to be a Beta Tester


      Hi All,


      I've been watching the forums with interest over the release and development to LR4.1RC and have got to say after moving to it as a workflow for my professional work, i've got to say i'm somewhat disappointed for a released piece of software, how many bugs there seems to be.


      I've updated to LR4.1 RC in the hope of seeing some improvements, but in the process of editing several studio sessions, i must have seen 10 lock ups, where all i can do is crash LR or indeed it just reports an unkown error has occurred.


      Whilst i'm enjoying the new features and am getting to grips with the new development sliders, it does feel like i've taken a step back in time on speed.... either i'm getting too fast for my computer or there is some seriously poor programming thats happended in the haste to release this product.


      I'm following the suggestions of turning off the film strip and now processing the imports as standard, where as it was more than possible to work with minimal previews and allow them to process in realtime when moving along the film strip.


      when i'm processing 200 images per shoot and I need to do up to 8 per day, i really would like to spend some time relaxing in the evening, rather than looking at my screen.


      Please Adobe, can we have some improvement of speed of rendering, the whole idea of the program is to aid my workflow, not slow it down.


      This is one Pro that is feeling frustrated at an excellent product..... flawed.....


      I hope for significant improvements from LR 4.1 RC and the offical release as it would seem else i need to wait until version 4.2 or above, please don't consider paying customers beta testers, that phase has passed, or should have been extended.



      Darren Juggins