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    probblem printing to file in FM8


      I have FM8 installed on two computers. The main computer, one which I use daily and which is being updated automatically, and a secondary one which is rarely turned on. In FM8 on the main computer, I now experience a problem which is new, I cannot print to file, and when I print to PDF, large portions of the text, usually after a font change, like from Italics to Roman, disappear from the resulting PDF. This does not occur on the secondary machine which functions as it always did.


      I had Acrobat pro 9 on the main computer, and Acrobat Pro 8 on the secondary. Updating to Acrobat X on the main computer, did not change the situation.


      Obviously, FM8 on the main computer has been corrupted in some fashion. The software works as it always did, but I simply cannot use it to generate PDFs any more. the question is this:


      What could have corrupted the program and how I can repair it?


      Any help would be much appreciated.