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    Creating Caches for faster browsing experiences

    derrick kale

      I really like the functionality with spry tabbed panels.  I am creating an online portfolio and in one of my pages, I would like to put up many documents that I have created over the years.  These documents (mainly pdfs) come from the root folder at average sizes of about 100kb per document.  I also tried to accomodate browsers who don't have built in PDF readers in their web browser (eg. firefox) by providing the document via a Scribd embed.


      As a newb, i'm learning things on the fly and on this fly, i've discovered that with all these Scribd embeds loading up simultaneously, the page contains the set of tabbed panels can be quite slow.  Gramps has been awesome in suggesting that I use a user activated pop-up and by using caches. 


      I understand how caches work, but not sure how I can actually code one into my site.


      Is it standard protocol for people to use a cache manifest maker? 


      How do I cache the embed codes given to me from scribd?


      Where do I attach the manifest html code? at the top of every page?


      If the data from the manifest is downloaded by the browser on page1, when the viewer navigates to page2, will the data still be accessible or will it require a second download.