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    Link to spry css broken in template or child pages

    RepulseMonkey Level 1


      on the following pages the spry menu is not displaying properly.  I did notice that in the template pages the link ref was missing ../ at the beginning.  Having added this and updated the templates and child pages (these were also uploaded to the server) I thought that would solve the problem.  But it doesn't look as though the change in the link ref has updated correctly.












      This one appears not to be linking properly to the template?  At leats, I think that's the problem.  The template is in the correct folder and uploaded to the server.


      I have noticed on this site that when I make a new page based on any of the site templates, when I look at the coding in DW, there are references to the local site 'root' folder.


      Have I messed up the links to templates etc on site-wide basis?  Do I need to go into 'Manage Sites' to sort this out?


      Any pointers, would be great.


      Thanks to everyone that has helped recently!