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    Playback freezes in PrE10

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      I have big problems with my PrE and playback of my video files. I edit a large number of short (1-5min) videos. When I import the video file, the "Conforming video" process seemingly runs fine but when I start playback (clicking play or using space bar) in the Preview window the playback hangs on the first frame. I can step through the video with J/L or the arrow keys but there is no sound. When this happens, the video does play in an external player such as Windows media player. I have seen similar questions in the Forum but no solutions.


      I can bring the video down to the timeline, step back and forth and perform all edit operations but the video still does not play. There is also a green dot in the video thumbnail in the project window. There are no other color markings or lines.


      This is a very frequent but sporadic problem. For each video I start a new project. Sometimes it appears immediately after starting PrE and sometimes in the second/third or tenth project and sometimes I can work the entire half a day without a problem. It does not matter if I have only PrE started on my computer or if other applications are started or in which order they are started. When the problem appears the only way to get PrE to run again is to log out from Windows and log back in again. This is really getting to be a nuance.

      I would really appreciate any help on this.



      HP EliteBook 8440p Intel Core i5 M520 @ 2.40GHz, Dual core/4 threads

      4.00 (3.80) GB Ram, 64 bit Windows 7 Enterprise SP1

      Intel HD Graphics driver

      PrE is installed locally on the C: partition but my projects and video files are located at the corporate server on a 1Gb wired network.


      The video files

      I use a Canon XA10, “talking head” disposition and overexposed white background.

      AVCHD video in “mts” format @ 1920x1080, 25fps, 256kbps 2ch stereo @48kHz


      The project files

      Premiere Elements v10.0(20110902.Mol11.B123.280463)

      PAL-AVCHD-Full HD 1080i 25


      Thanks in advance!

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          Thanks for reading this far.


          I have som more info on this. The problem in my current configuration seems to be related to the connection between PrE and the head-set I am using.


          I have a Logitech H530 USB headset which is using the drivers supplied by Windows. Logitech does not supply drivers for this. The current driver is version 6.1.7601.17514.


          When I get the problem, the audio is disabled also for othe applications. If I unplug the USB cable for the head-set and reinsert it and then go to the loudspeaker icon in the lower right hand corner and click on the "knob" I will hear the normal "bing".

          I can then resume playback in PrE. However, if I do not go to the speaker to get the "bing" I cannot start playback.


          So for some reason, when I close a project in PrE, PrE seems to be messing up something in the audio settings of PrE itself and/or Windows, so that the USB headset gets disconnected (Why PrE - because this never happens with any other application).


          Under Settings/Audio Hardware/ASIO settings/Output, the Logitech headset is enabled.

          Under Settings/Audio Output Mapping, the logitech headset is selected.

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            When you Import those AVCHD files into PrE, and place them onto the Timeline, is there a red line above them, initially?


            If there is no red line, then your Project settings are correct, but if not, then you need to investigate the your Project's setting.


            When you get red lines above your Clips, say when you add an Effect, any form of overly, or Transitions, to get the best playback, you will want to hit the Enter key to Render the Timeline. However, with AVCHD, or any H.264 material, your i5 will never likely give really smooth playback, this is just too much necessary processing needed.


            Also, it appears that you have but one physical HDD, and then have it partitioned. What is the speed, and size, of that HDD? Partitions will slow down the process also. See this ARTICLE.


            I see two immediate problems: the i5 and the partitions, and there could be more, such as a mis-match between the footage and the Project, and possibly the speed of your HDD. For laptops, they are commonly 5400RPM, and 7200RPM is the minimum for smooth video editing.


            Good luck, and let us know a bit more.



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              Thanks for your reply!


              From my first post: "There is also a green dot in the video thumbnail in the project window. There are no other color markings or lines."


              I don't know if you read my second post.


              My i5 is not a problem for the simple tasks I am performing. When playback works, I have NO problems with performance.

              I just use one video track, cut and trim and export to flv. Only if I start adding a second video track, I get into trouble regarding performance.


              The problem is that when I close a project in PrE, for some reason my audio stops working. This will block blayback in the next project I create - until I remove and reinsert the USB cable for the headset and click on the volume lever in the lower right hand corner of the screen. I have never seen this behavior with any other application than PrE.