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    LR 4.1 RC: Internal error on export


      I am using LR 4.1 RC on Win7-64.  When I export a photo to my hd as a resized jpeg I always get an internal error.  The jpeg is exported and created, but after that happens I always get the error.  Here is a screenshot:




      Any ideas?

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          Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

          Not sure how many times I've answered this, certainly lots:


          There's a minor bug with LR4 that seems to affect many users, basically when you first export the Post Processing/Export Action field at the bottom of the Export dialog is blank. This is invalid, and causes the error that you are getting. So to get rid of the error simply eneter a valid option in that field (e.g. "Do Nothing" is fine) and the problem goes away.

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            bakubo Level 1

            Thank you!  The last field is called After Export and there is a dropdown menu after it.  Mine was blank, as you said.  I selected the Do nothing option in the menu and now it works without error.  It sounds like you are saying this was in LR 4 too.  It is still in LR 4.1 RC also.