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    AERender while at login screen




      I'm trying to setup my renderfarm to use workstations as render nodes.  To accomplish this I have a background user always logged in.

      All of the render nodes are running OS X Lion.  When the background user logs in, the screen automatically locks and returns to the login screen for the normal user to login.

      However, while at the login screen I receive this message when rendering in the background:


      "_RegisterApplication(), FAILED TO establish the default connection to the WindowServer, _CGSDefaultConnection() is NULL.

      aerender ERROR -609: AESend failed to send apple event at line 712"


      I can't find any solutions that work while at the login screen.

      Once a user logs in everything works fine. My concern is if we have a power outage and the computer reboots or someone logs out of there account to the login screen, all of the renders will fail.

      I'm using CS5.5.

      Is there any chance this will be fixed in any updates of After Effects.  Is there some workaround I can use?




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          Apparently the message pertains to the X window server not being available, so perhaps there is a way to forcibly keep it alive with some config hacking or terminal commands. It would seem that the render engine is merely trying to update the status screen and if so, that could probably be piped into a virtual null device just as well. Can't help you with the specifics, though. These are just fragments from my limited UNIX/ Linux experience and some of that is fading into oblivion pretty fast...