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    Adobe Premiere Elements 9 Freezing Issue


      In Adobe Premiere Elements 9, every time I click, the program freezes for at least 30 seconds and sometimes closes.  This happens every time I try to do anything and is very frustrating.


      Personal Computer Specs:
      Quad Core 2.8 GHz CPU
      4 GB RAM
      1 GB GPU
      1TB Hard Drive (Plenty of Room Remains)

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Take a look at this ARTICLE. It starts with a checklist of things to do, to insure that PrE can function best. It then goes into some links to help one tune up their system and OS. Finally, there are links for troubleshooting.


          Do you get any error messages? If so, what are they?


          If you cannot get PrE running effectively, be sure to see the "Finding Clues" links, and read that article, as you might have the answer to the problem, right in links in Event Viewer.


          Good luck,



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            CameronWR Level 1

            Hi Bill,

            Thanks for getting back so quick!

            There's no error message that shows up, Windows 7 usually just says the program's not reponding and asks whether I want to close it.

            Tried that check list and everything seems to be in order.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Thanks for that info. Do take a look at the checklist, then the tune up tips, and if there is still no resolution, please look at the links for troubleshooting, and especially the "Finding Clues" link.


              Good luck, and please report how it goes.



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                Aniks Level 2



                Can you please check your system's display driver? If that's updated, then try after disabling GPU card.

                Also, if it still doesn't work, please update to 9.0.1 Maybe the update for PRE 9 will work for you.




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                  CameronWR Level 1

                  Hi Guys,

                  Thanks for all your help and sorry its taken me so long to get back to you.

                  After running through the checklist with no results, I did many Google searches on the subject.

                  I found an interesting bit of information about the format option when you start a project.  It said that certain options don't work well with certain computers under certain circumstances.

                  Long story short, I tried a couple of different options from the menue and finaly chose the 'Imported From File' option which happens to be what type of clips I'm using (I had been using a random setting before).

                  After running on this new mode, I had dramatic results.  Everything sped up and stopped freezing.

                  Is it possible that that could have been the problem?  Or was it some sort of coincidence?

                  Thanks again for all your help!


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                    Aniks Level 2

                    Glad to know that your problem is solved. (Doesn't matter what solved it!..)


                    And, yes, the project settings does matter. Its best if your project setting match your clips you are working with.

                    If you cannot figure out which setting to use, then import your clip, right click on the clip and see properties. Note down the details like fps/pixel aspect ratio and then create a new project again. Choose Change settings and then go through the settings and find out which setting matches or works best for you.

                    Also, you can use the mismatch project setting feature. (When you drop any clip on empty timeline, if your project setting already doesn't match with that of clip and a better setting is available to use, then, it asks to match the project settings with your clip)


                    Hope it helps..

                    Happy Editing,


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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      Setting up the New Project to match the Source Footage 100%, does make editing a much smoother operation, and better experience. When there is a mis-match, problems will develop. They might be very small, such has having to Render the Timeline, for smoothest playback, to crashes and hangs.


                      Good luck, and glad that things are now working better for you.



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                        John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        >had been using a random setting


                        Very bad idea... you do not try and put diesel fuel in a gasoline car


                        Read Bill Hunt on a file type as WRAPPER http://forums.adobe.com/thread/440037

                        What is a CODEC... a Primer http://forums.adobe.com/thread/546811

                        What CODEC is INSIDE that file? http://forums.adobe.com/thread/440037


                        Report back with the codec details of your file, use the programs below... a screen shot works well to SHOW people what you are doing


                        For PC http://www.headbands.com/gspot/ or http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en

                        For Mac http://mediainspector.massanti.com/




                        Once you know exactly what it is you are editing, report back with that information... and your project setting, and if there is a red line above the video in the timeline, which indicates a mismatch between video and project

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                          CameronWR Level 1

                          Thanks guys for all your help!

                          I'll take a look at those pages and hopefully be able to use them now and in the furutre.

                          I didn't really know much about format stuff.

                          Since changing it around though, its running as smooth as ever!


                          Thanks again!


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                            Hi Cameron,

                            I've been having the exact same problem and saw that you found a way around the freezing. Can you fill me in on a few more specific details on where you actually changed the format options and what you actually did, I've had a look around but haven't been able to find an 'Imported From File' option, if you could help me it would be much appreciated!!



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                              CameronWR Level 1

                              Hi Schaef,

                              I'll do my best to try to explain...

                              The problem that was causing my issue was that I had chosen the wrong Project Settings.  I tried just playing around with them until the program sped up.


                              Here's how to do it:


                              When you first open Premiere 9 you will see the regular start-up window.  When you click on 'New Project' you will wait a second then see this:


















                              When you see this window, select the name and save destination, then click on 'Change Settings...'




                              Try playing around with the presets on the left.  If possible, find the option that fits your video footage's particulars.  If that's not available, find one that most closely fits them.


                              Once you've found a suitable option, try saving the settings and opening the new project.  If you don't notice any difference, than you should start all over to find a different option.  Repeat this until the program has significantly sped up (as it did for me).



                              If none of this helps, I apologize, my knowledge with the program is not very profound.

                              Let me know how you make out though!


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                                Schaef25 Level 1

                                Hi Cameron

                                Thanks for replying so quickly and for your help. I will try it out and see how it goes, I'm only just starting out with the program as well so your help has been appreciated.

                                I will let you know how I go.

                                Many Thanks


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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                                  Welcome to the forum.


                                  Being new to PrE, this partial list of RESOURCES might be useful, and especially Steve Grisetti's Basic Training Series.


                                  Good luck,