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    Premiere Elem.9


      When starting a new project in Premiere Elem.9, how can I change the Project Setting from Hard Disk, FLASH MEMORY CAMCORDER to AVCHD?  My camera takes AVCHD videos.  Can't use keyboard tab key to move setting; it's stuck.  As a matter of fact, I can't start a new project from the Welcome Window using my keyboard.  I got a new keyboard 2 days ago but problem still exits.  This is not the only area in PE9 that the keyboard is an issue;  when inserting a title, can't change color of text.  Any suggestions, updates?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Something is seriously wrong with your computer -- and I'm not sure we can  help you here on this forum.


          How much free, clean, defragmented space is on your C drive? When did you last run a program like Advanced System Care Free (http://www.iobit.com/advancedsystemcareper.html) to clear off your tmp files and tune your computer?


          What operating system are you using? Have you manually gone to Windows Update to ensure you have even the non-critical updates? (This is a way to pick up important drivers that are often not loaded to your computer automatically.)

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            roxyhope Level 1

            Upgraded from Vista in 9/2011; now using Windows7 operating system, had PRE9 installed at that time, have 837GB free space on C Drive, 2.40TB on external M drive, 1.20TB on external backup X drive and 8GB RAM; degrag using software that's installed on computer; have not used Advanced System Care Free.  I have not manually gone to Windows Update.  I wouldn't know which drivers I need but I'll have it checked by technician.  Aside fron the issues previously mentioned, there are vertical lines on the timeline as the CTI passes through the timeline to the end.  To clear the vertical lines, I have to scroll up/down the tracks then the vertical lines disappear.  Thank you for your time and suggestions.