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    safari, pdf no longer opening


      Safari v. 5.1.5

      Adobe Reader v. 10.1.3

      Mac O S X 10.6.8


      After updating Adobe Reader to 10.1.3, pdf's are no longer visible in Safari, just a black screen.


      Tried one suggestion: removed two plugins from Library/Internet plugins.

      AdobePDFViewer.plugin and AdobePDFViewerNPAPI.plugin


      Relaunched Safari. Tried viewing a pdf in Safari and they were visible.


      And then reinstalled Adobe Reader 10.1.3.

      Relaunched Safari and tried to view a pdf, didn't work, black screen.


      Removed the two plugins again, relaunced Safari, can view some pdfs. Some are question marks.


      What are the negative consequences of leaving these two plugins out of the Library?

      Do I have the wrong version of Adobe Reader?

      How and what do I have to do to return to before updating Adobe Reader in the first place?