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    indesign interactive pdf (pop up graphics)

    Mark Boggs
      Trying to figure out how to create a pop out image of a thumbnail.  Making a digital portfolio for a class project and I would like to have thumbnails of my work on each page of the interactive pdf.  When someone rolls over the thumbnail I would like for a larger version of it to appear.  I have found a tutorial on this however I ran into a stumbling block when the very first step showed him using "object styles".  In his menu was a style called popout graphic (or something similar) and that does not appear in my object styles menu.  I have been looking for this for about 45 minutes now, going through every little menu and clicking on every possible thing to see if I can locate it.  I'm really desperate at this point this project is due on Monday so I hope someone can save me.  Thank you! 
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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          First object style will not work in the Interactive PDF they will work in SWF only


          and I dont think what you are trying to do can be achieved in Indesign for PDF but yes it is possible for SWF

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            Mark Boggs Level 1

            I have quit trying to export as a pdf though I will say I am almost positive the guy in the tutorial exports to pdf.  Now I have a whole other issue.  I had added a .mov file and an mp3 to load on a specific page this worked in the .pdf but now only the .mov when the page is loaded.  The mp3 however loads after you have watched the .mov and load another page.  It's the stupidest thing I have ever seen.  I have been through all of the settings and I am about ready to give up on it.  I'll just remove the mp3 so it won't load and leave the .mov file.  It will be boring without any background music but it really was a bonus.  It wasn't required.  I'm not really sure how to formulate that as a question to ask here. 


            The SWF works so much better than the pdf.  My concern is that not everyone will be able to watch it.  I am making this as a digital portfolio to hand out to perspective clients and employers.  I'm sure it's a stretch for a graphic design firm to not have flash but I'm sure its possible.  Wouldn't that mean my digital portfolio is worthless?  I'm wondering about exporting it both ways for the final and placing it on a DVD for them to look at.

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              Petteri_Paananen Level 4

              Accoring to Milford&Brown 99,3% percentage of computer users can open SWF exported from InDesign (requires Flas Player 9 or newer)

              iPhone and iPad users can´t open SWF, they can open PDF but on the other hand, they probably can´t use any interactive features in that PDF.

              Almost all computer users can open PDF but problem is that there is hundreds of reader softwares and only Adobe Reader and Acrobat can show the PDF with all the features. For instance mac users very often open PDF with Mac Preview which kills most of the interactive stuff in PDF.


              So SWF is not bad choise after all. All the users who can open it (99.3%) will see it pretty much same way and with same features.

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                Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

                When you export the file in SWF from the Indesign then the timing has to be set...


                Go to Windows-->Interactive-->Timing



                In this you will see the mov file and mp3 file.....Select both of them and then click on the "chain link" icon on the bottom of the panel.

                you will see the mov file and mp3 file linked


                now export the file in SWF and check

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                  Mark Boggs Level 1

                  A fellow classmate suggested I use adobe media Encoder to take the .mov file and convert it to .flv then use that.  This way I get a bonus, I don't need the mp3 the sound actually plays from the video file.  I'm estatic about my project at the moment.


                  Problem solved.  It works like a charm.  Loads when and where it's supposed to. Now all thats left is to burn it to a dvd and turn it in.


                  I am going to check out the timing just so I know where it's at for future reference.


                  I want to thank Manish_1998 and Petteri_Paananen for your advice and assistance.


                  Thank you very much!