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    Help! My Lighrtoom is running crazy slow!


      Lately my Lightroom 4 catalog has been running more and more slowly - especially when I go to edit photos in Photoshop (CS5) or the Nik Software plugins (for Lightroom). It can take several minutes for photos to open between LR and the plugins, and if I do serious editing work on more than 4 or 5 photos at time, I have to shut it all down and restart to get some speed back. 


      I'm working on a MacBook pro. All of the photos (60,000, about 500gb worth) are stored on a 2TB G-Drive connected with a FW800 cable. The drive is around half full (or half empty if you're that type).


      I brought the whole thing to the apple store to get it checked out. The guy ran a diagnostic on the laptop and said there are no performance or memory issues with my MacBook pro. 


      He said the issue may be that I currently have all of my photos stored in one catalog in Lightroom and that I should look at breaking it up into multiple catalogs. 


      But when I was looking for tips on Adobe's website about how to use multiple catalogs, I found this video (http://tv.adobe.com/watch/adobe-evangelists-julieanne-kost/single-or-multiple-catalogs-in- lr3/) where Julianne Kost says that, starting with LR 3, you could have a single catalog with hundreds of thousands of images in it and it wont't really affect the speed of Lighrtoom because they've improved the processor. (which is good, because I'd prefer to work from a single catalog if possible).


      So now I'm stuck.  Any help would be hugely appreciated. Do I need to work from a different kind of hard drive? Should I try to empty the hard drive out a bit? Do I need to catalog differently? 





      Brian Eden