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    Firefox 11 Not Reporting Correct Version of Flash v.

    Evan (from Manhattan)

      Today (April 14, 2012) I installed the new Adobe Flash v. on four computers (several Mac and several PC/Windows).


      Eveything went fine except that Firefox does not seem to have the new Flash on any of the Windows PC's (it worked fine on Mac). That is, when I go to the Adobe test page (http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/), it is reporting that Firefox is using the immediately prior version However, all other Windows browsers (e.g., Opera, IE, etc.) all report the correct version on that test page.


      And I checked Windows Programs and Updates and it shows version installed.


      So, why is Firefox 11 showing the old version? Anyone have any ideas and hopefully a fix?


      Adobe, you should fix this.


      Evan Katz (EKatz at CrawfordVentures.com)