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    can you recommend a laptop/notebook to buy for my CS5 On Location


      I am having trouble with the laptop/notebook that I am purchasing for recording my Panasonic AG-DVX100b with my CS5 On Location software. The standard firewire 1394 has the 4-pin comming from the camera inserting into the computer which is a 6-pin, same as my HP Z400 workstation which is OHCI-compliant 1394 for HDV capture. Most of the laptops come with the 4-pin firewire or I need to convert to the purchase of a carbus that inserts into the computer which then gives me the 6-pin port. What is a good computer to buy with the 6-pin OHCI-comploant firewire port already built into that computer? Or should I just buy a computer with the 4-pin and either buy the conversion or cable adapter?