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    **URGENT** MAJOR Screwup - MUSE or Business Catalyst?

    BaseZero Level 2

      Hello Everyone!


      Before you read the post, keep in mind the two reasons for the existence of this post:


      1. To see if anyone else is having this same issue and how was it resolved if it was in fact resolved
      2. To make some noise in addition to the thread that I've started on the BC Forum to again, get this issue resolved immediately. That thread can be found here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/989396?tstart=0

      NOTE: This is NOT to start a flame-war about MUSE or BC. I do appreciate both products and will continue to implement them in our projects for our clients. I just have a real issue right now with the level of attention and communication we're receiving concerning this matter with regard to the dire circumstances it's presenting to my company and our current and potential clients.


      The Story thus far:


      The problem we had started Thursday evening with transferring our site (created in Muse) over to the BC system. We are currently a "Free Partner" looking to become "Premium Partner" with the Business Catalyst system. Currently we also have a couple of other clients on the Business Catalyst system as well.


      After transferring over to the BC system, we spent the entire day Friday trying to get the email for the Admin account working. Finally reached Rajan in Live Chat with BC. He was unable to help.


      Finally, at Rajan's suggestion we submitted a ticket through our partner account. Within 20 minutes, we were no longer able to access our Partner Portal for Business Catalyst.


      So, now, not only do we not have access to email for the admin account, but  cannot get into the Business Catalyst system to implement and create anything at all for ourselves or clientele. This presents not only a communication problem as it relates to email, but we have clients as well as prospects that are expecting updates, maintenance as well as proposals for projects that are upcoming and ongoing.


      As you can imagine it is of vital importantance that we get some response IMMEDIATELY from SOMEONE within the BC system to set things right.


      So, again; we're here to see if there is any similarities with someone else's experience with MUSE / BC or if this is entirely unique as well as to hopefully, possibly get someone's attention within the system to make enough noise with connections at Business Catalyst to get this resolved quickly so we can all move on productively.


      By the way, since we don't have email, ironically, the only way at this time to contact us is through the forums or via the business line at 847-367-5600.


      Thank you for your time and patience in this matter.