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    Plugin/Administrative Rights Issue

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      I am trying to install a plugin but am runing up against a error that will not let me save the script to the plugin folder. Am told this is an Administrative Rights issue. I believe this is a Windows 7 thing but I have done everything Windows 7 has told me to do. I have right clicked on every folder from Programs down to the Filter folder and changed the rights one-by-one. I am at a complete loss. Don't know what else to do. I am the ******* Administrator.

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          photodrawken Level 5

          Sigh.  Changing the rights on all those folders was a very bad idea from a security standpoint.  Change them back to their defaults, if you can.


          Now, back to your plug-in question:  How did you get the plug-in, and is it a ZIP file? What steps are you doing to install it?  What is the error message?



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            Hi Ken,


            I downloaded the plugin as a set of zipped files. The readme file for this plugin that is designed to help elements convert a digitized color negative to a positive by eliminating (or whatever) the orange base said to place two of the files in the plugin>filter folder and elements wpul handle things from there once re-booted.


            I opened the zip file screen that showed all of the zipped, downloaded files and highlight one of the two files to be extracted to the filters folder. I pushed the extract to button. I was asked to indicate the appropriate folder to extract to. I tree'd down through the adobe program to find the filters folder, indicating this folder to unzip to. There is a button on the right bottom of the screen at this point that says "unzip." it is the only option. I clicked this option. An error message came up telling me the action could not be completed, that I might need administrative rights.


            At the control panel I checked to make sure my user name (password protected) indicated that I was an administrator. That checked out ok. From there I just began randomly trying everything that might remotely make some sort of sense to me...since the world of reason seemed to have taken a nose-dive in general.


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              photodrawken Level 5

              For the application you're using to unzip the files -- right-click on the application's icon and choose "Run as Administrator" (even if you're logged in to Windows as an administrator).  Then your unzipping application will be able to extract the files to the folder.



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                You know, Ken, I usually don't have to have my hand held to get stuff

                installed, but this program just isn't doing what I expect it to do. What I

                expect is to download, then call up some sort of setup or installation

                routine that does stuff... like installing or setting up. That has not been

                the case with your software. I downloaded, clicked on both the install and

                the setup... and ******* nothing happens!! I don't understand why your

                software has to be different from everyone elses setup routine. And I'm not

                sure what to do now. So far, dealing with your software has been a

                nightmare... I'm still, after weeks, trying to get this thing going. What

                is the secret password or mystical button or sequence that I have to go

                through to get the software installed?



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                  Barbara B. Level 7

                  That has not been the case with your software.

                  Just FYI, Ken is just another user like you, trying to help you out. Very few adobe employees post here, and they have the Employee badge beneath their avatars. The rest of us have no say in how adobe does or does not do anything.

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                    photodrawken Level 5

                    In addition, the OP's problem is with security on his system and has nothing to do with Adobe or PSE....