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    Where are the files ?


      In some circonstances, I would like to access my files where there's no internet access, but I can't seem to find them.

      I am on an asus transformer with android 4.0.3

      Could you help me?



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          David__B Employee Hosts

          Any projects that you've created inside Adobe Ideas should still be accessible when not connected to the web to work on but you need to transfer them through the Creative Cloud website (requiring internet connectivity) to use them outside the app. Does that help?



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            elrafok Community Member

            Well, I was looking for a way to access the files so that I can transfer them to my pc (via USB) and work on them in Photoshop without using the creative cloud.

            Is that possible, the files must be somewhere on my tablet?

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              David__B Employee Hosts

              My best bet for doing something like this would be to use some kind of file manager app to copy the file from where it is stored by Adobe Ideas to the USB drive. I'm not sure if the way the project is stored would support this, I'll do some investigation and let you know if its possible. If its not possible we can create a feature request for the functionality.



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                elrafok Community Member

                This is exactly what I had in mind.

                Thank you very much for taking the time to investigate this.

                I had already searched my device for filenames that would match, but had no luck doing this. I was hoping they're stored under a specific filename (eg.adobeideas001.xxx) somewhere on the device and that I only have to copy and rename them. Et voilà.

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                  David__B Employee Hosts

                  I did some testing around this with a file browser and I do see copies of the projects but under certain conditions, but unfortunately only when uploding to the Creative Cloud. Here is what I found


                  On my tablet in the apps section I had a file browser app called "My Files" with this app I was able to view certain files and folders


                  In the following directory




                  I had an Untitled 4.idea file


                  This is the only way that you could access the project files directly that I've discovered. I also created a feature request for the functionality here


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                    elrafok Community Member

                    OK, thanks anyway.

                    One last thing:

                    I just wonder how files are saved on the tablet, do you think they are saved somewhere else with a different name (and in this case we have just to identify them and rename them) or maybe saved as one big resource file which can only be accessed by Ideas itself (and in this case I am out of ideas)?

                    As I said, anyway thanks a lot for your help.