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    Getting a more verbose "Where is" question on a new system.


      I'm working on a project on a different laptop under Premiere CS5.   Usually, if the first file it can't find is a video file, Premiere is very good at re-linking all of the files if you find the first one it's looking for.  However, in this case all of the audio files are defined by the parent folders.   The actual wave file is called something like mono0001.wav.    Is there a way to get Premiere to give you an original path question, a more verbose description of the project's old path?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Bug Report and Feature Request https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform


          But... don't hold your breath hoping for any fixes (if this is a bug) or enhancements to version 5


          Current is version 5.5 and CS6 is due out "soon" (maybe by May 6... lots of discussion in several threads) so I doubt any new features will be added to 5.5

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Are you working with an external HDD, containing the Project and all of the Assets?


            If so, the first course of action is to set up that external HDD to be assigned the same drive letter, that it had on the other computer. This is done in the OS of the second laptop. As the links are absolute Paths, you need everything to match in those Paths, including the drive letter. See this ARTICLE on using external HDD's for editing. Now, if you are not using an external, but have Copied the entire Project's folder structure, including all Asset files, then something else is happening, like the one Project, that I outline below.


            Normally, PrPro will relink to all Assets used in a Project, and residing in one folder, after you navigate to the first Asset in that folder. Now, one DOES need to do that navigation for all folders, should you have a sub-folder structure.


            I have only observed the repeated "Where is file ____ ?" for multiple Assets in the same folder once. However, that was a rather odd Project, that I inherited. It had been started on a Mac in Pr 6.5, and was transported on a Mac-formatted external, plus the original editor had done some rather odd folder hierarchies, and even odder file naming. I Copied the entire structure to one of my externals, added the file extension to the Project file, and Opened it. It took a while to get all relinking done, but once done, has held for 3 years of work. Why PrPro could not relink Assets in the same folder is still a mystery, but considering the provenance of that particular Project, I guess that it is not surprising. At least it worked.


            Good luck,



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              foxetown Level 1

              The drive letter change usually works when I can do that, but our mixer names everything by path, so the file name alone is never enough when I can't change the drive letter.    (It would just be nice if they could make the "looking for message" a little more verbose).  Thanks for the help though...