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    Using the 3 D function the CS 6 operation hangs then closes and restarting CS 6 is required.

    Buckstop7321 Community Member

      I have tried using the 3D function with some fancy fonts and most of the time all works very well. I noticed the extrusion with Twist and Taper is a bit sensitive and has a quick move to a range that hangs my PC. It has happend a couple of times but is controlable if the sliders are moved very carefully and does not exceed some limit that I did not find yet. Hope this makes sense.


      Here is a screen shot and a final rendered picture to see what I mean. Hopefully the slider can be made to have a smaller range limit. One time I went too far and it did a strange circle of extrusion and then went to a hang and crashed. Happened several times here.


      Overall, I really do like this CS 6 version and seems each release of PS has much better tools to deal with.


      I did not like the dark color at first so forced myself to go to the medium color skin and have gotten used to that now and feel it is much easier on the eyes and colors seem to pop out more. Amazing what you can get done with all the tools.


      BTW, the Video works really well too though it is still a major learning excursion here for a Newbie to Digital Video. System here is a Intel i5 with 4 gig of memory and 10K rpm HD and using an ATI graphic card. Here is its data. Final Rendered image is included too. This was the first time a rendering completed for me. Hope this helps. Regards


      Driver Packaging Version 8.85-110419a-118908C-ATI

      Catalyst™ Version 11.5

      Provider ATI Technologies Inc.

      2D Driver Version

      2D Driver File Path /REGISTRY/MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Control/CLASS/{4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE1031 8}/0000

      Direct3D Version

      OpenGL Version

      Catalyst™ Control Center Version 2010.0930.2237.38732


      Twist Test.JPG                     


      Font with Twist 2.png