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    Bicubic zoom rendering in Fireworks

    groove25 Level 4

      Does anyone know if it's possible to alter Fireworks’ rendering behavior while zooming?


      Case in point: If I’m designing an iPhone screen interface, I’d like to be able to work on a document at full resolution (640x960) but view it at half size (50%) to approximate the actual device size and to more easily fit on my monitor. But Fireworks’ default rendering behavior while zooming is Nearest Neighbor, which produces a very jagged and harsh-looking image. I’d like to change this rendering behavior to Bicubic or Bilinear instead.


      With screen resolutions increasing across various devices, I see this as being an increasingly important issue for designers who create interfaces and graphics for those devices on lower-resolution monitors.


      There are workarounds to this issue, but each workaround creates additional problems, which require their own workarounds... when the real issue is pretty simple. InDesign offers users the option of several rendering modes while previewing, and I think Fireworks should do the same. Currently, it’s possible to preview a reduced-size image with Bicubic rendering in Fireworks using the Image Preview dialog or using Transform (e.g., with a symbol instance), but these extra steps shouldn’t really be necessary.


      Seriously, is there any way to hack into Fireworks to adjust this behavior? (Also, I should mention that I’m using an older version of Fireworks. Maybe zoom rendering has improved in more current versions?)

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          Daryl Barnes Level 1

          Under Fireworks > Preferences > General there is an option for Bicubic and other interpolation methods.  Is this what you're looking for?  I have the latest version of Fireworks.  Not sure what particular version you have and if it offers those options.

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            groove25 Level 4

            I have those options in Fireworks 8, too. They affect the interpolation used for the Scale tool and the Transform commands. They even impact Modify > Canvas > Image Size... which is odd because there's a separate dropdown menu for that within the command dialog. (However, they don't affect resizing within the Image Preview dialog, which appears to be bicubic.)


            Unfortunately, these preferences don't affect the rendering behavior of the zoom tool. At view percentages less than 100%, things look pretty rough.