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    Download keeps stopping, no idea why!?!?!?




      My son urgently needs the Adobe CS 5.5 Design Premium Suite for an ongoing school project.  So I purchased a copy from the Adobe website.  Of course, it wasn't until AFTER I paid for it that I realised he couldn't get a purchased copy until you had verified his student i.d.   So... three days later we are STILL trying to download a trial version for him to use until his registration comes through.


      Here is our problem.  He was running IE7.  The Adobe Download Assistant apparently has a problem with this version of IE, so we upgraded to IE8.  The download assistant installs fine, it reinitiates the download for CS5.5 Design Premium which is in the queue, and then after about 10 minutes stops.


      We get the standard error from Windows stating that the Adobe Download Assistant has encountered an error and needs to close.   Then nothing.


      I have cleared out the browsing history and cookies.  Uninstalled the ADA, and reinstalled it, rebooted the computer, refreshed the download screen, restarted the download (AGAIN!!!) and it keeps happening.   Now the ADA just stops, and disappears.  We aren't even getting the error message from Windows half of the time.


      I would download onto my own pc and copy the files across before install, but the ADA installs the program for you!!  So... what do I do?


      Any suggestions would be gratefully received.




      Frustrated mum.