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    Changes in Options Bar for Paths and Shapes

    John Stanowski Community Member

      Wow, I love the changes to the options in the Options Bar when using the Shape Tools.


      Having Width and Height fields right there at top is FANTASTIC. (I used to have to open the Info Panel and watch the height and width as I transformed shapes.) This is MUCH better. A dream for web designers.


      I also appreciate the Geometry Options getting a big gear icon. Easier to click on than CS5's microscopic arrow icon. Nice!


      Shape/Path/Pixel selectors are no longer upfront icons and are hidden behind a dropdown you have to pay for with an extra click. Not sure how I feel about that. But I do appreciate the text clearly declaring what you have selected right now. I think many icons just slow me down anyway because I have to look at them for a second longer to figure out what the hell it is.


      I'm a tad annoyed that the path operations and align functions have be hidden behind a single buttons (extra clicks again). Not a deal-breaker though.