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    where the heck is the creation date?

    uimike54 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I've reached the end of my (not very extensive anyway) wits...


      I am exporting jpeg taken with acient cameras such as the Coolpix 900 and 995.

      Of course, LR 4 is not writing the capture dates, so I started investigating what was going on.

      So here is the situation:


      1. I can see the capture dates in LR gallery top left above the image (key i) but

      2. No capture dates on the metadata panels to the right, and

      3. No capture dates when opening the original files either with Exifviewer or Jeffrey's online viewer.




      Where is LR getting the capture date from??


      And, can I grab these and reinject them somewhere for exporting?


      I'd like to, eventually, use the capture dates as part of the exported jpeg names (using A Better Finder Attributes or any PC equivalent)


      Can anyone help me please!