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    Can I setup a web page to edit my database?


      I have Dreamweaver CS 5.5 and I created my database in phpmyadmin. And I am currently only testing the site using XAMPP (apache & MySQL).


      Ok so I've connected the db to dreamweaver.  I setup a Recordset.  And I think I did the following: Insert->Data Object->Recordset.


      I now have a table setup with all the colums on it that I setup in my database.  All the information is correct.




      Now what I'd like to do is have this information present and a form beneath, or on a separate page, that will allow me to either amend the data or create new data.  The database is a simple orders database with colums such as orderID (in ascending order 1-infinity)  customerID/name, email, address, item ordered, etc...


      Can I create something on my page with Dreamweaver so I can use, say, firefox to add information to the database?


      Thank you