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    CS3 Master Collection Not opening after install-Windows 7


      I recently got a new computer, and yesterday I tried to transfer my CS3 Master Collection over. The install went fine, there were no problems. However, when I went to open the programs, nothing would happen.
      It would say the application was running in the task manager (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/213/displayo.png) , but nothing would show up on screen. Not the splash page, nothing.
      Photoshop opens, and I get the outline of the window, but it's just the background coloured grey, and after a few seconds it doesn't respond.


      I've looked online and I have not found anything useful, so this is my last resort. Please help me




      Here's my computer info


      Graphics card info


      If there's any other info I need to provide let me know.