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    Scripting Overlay Creator


      Hi all,


      I should write a script to automate the creation of a 'Web Content' element in a document. To sum up  I would like to get by this script what one normally gets through the Overlay Creator Panel, selecting 'Web Content' item and configuring it (dimensions and URL).


      I have found only these 2 resources until now:




      but no official docs on this thema...


      Many thanks in advance

      Bye bye


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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @Antonio – I was also looking for some offical documentation, but I still found nothing.


          You can analyze IDMS files of your pageItems that are "formatted" with the Overlay Creator Panel to get the necessary Key/Value pairs. There is a Label section in the IDMS (plain text file) where you can find some Key/Value pairs.


          One observation I made on this is:

          missing Key/Value pairs sometimes (always?) lead to default values you see if you start to define a feature in the Overlay Creator panel. If you change the default values new Key/Value pairs are inserted in the pageItem with insertLabel("KeyString", "ValueString").


          So, I think, if you like to script an Overlay feature, you have to do a lot of research.
          Be aware that the mixture of "Key/Value" pairs that define a feature could change, if a new version of Overlay Creator is installed.


          For the "Web Content" element in v19 of the Ovelay Creator:
          Be aware that its "Type" is "WebView". But strange enough the same value is shared with  "Scrollable Frame".
          Might be a bug. The "Type" for "Scrollable Frame" should be something like "ScrollableFrame" and not "WebView".

          In my opinion all values of a certain type should be unique…


          It's also unfortunate that there is no feature in the Overlay Creator to strip all inserted label information off a page item to get a "clean" version of the page item. That would be great.


          So far my findings.
          Maybe BobB could shed a light on this and point to some "offical" resources…



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            CaccamoAntonio Level 1

            Hallo Uwe,


            thank you so much for your answer! Only a thing would I ask you: have you any example?   I'm completely new to this technology. I should update some scripts that were written for Woodwing Publishing Tool and make them work with the Overlaycreator as well...but I don't have the faintest idea where should I begin!


            Many thanks!

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              @Antonio – did you ever do scripting with "insertLabel" and "extractLabel" methods?
              I'd recommend first reading about that in the documentation and writing some routines to analyze IDMS files on the fly.
              Export/import IDMS files.


              For the scripts regarding the Woodwing Publishing Tools I can say nothing. Currently I have no access to Enterprise Server. But that could change soon…


              Just note that "scripting the Overlay Creator" with "insertLabel" for page items is NOT scripting the Overlay Creator itself.
              It's just that you try to mimic the behaviour of the Overlay Creator. And that is a very weak concept in itself.


              Maybe in the future (pure speculation on my side here) Adobe will work on real "properties" and "methods" for Overlay Creator features. That would be a more robust way for scripting than using "labels" to trigger FolioBuilder.



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                CaccamoAntonio Level 1

                Hallo Uwe,


                I'll try :-) could you give me some suggestions on the docs I should read? I have no experience with  scripting with "insertLabel" and "extractLabel" methods and IDMS files at all :-(


                Thank you!



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                  Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  @Antonio – there is some DOM documentation online (has nothing or nearly nothing to do with DPS, but a lot with page items!). Thanks to Jongware we have:





                  And then we have the InDesign scripting forum where you can search for "insertLabel", "extractLabel" etc:



                  Finally there is the offical IDML/IDMS documentation.
                  Just google for "IDML File Format Specification".


                  And not to forget the OMV (Object Model Viewer) in the ESTK (ExtendScript Tool Kit) for some additional things regarding DPS or the ESTK itself for testing and debugging.



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                    CaccamoAntonio Level 1

                    Hallo Uwe,


                    many thanks! Very kind of you!