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    HD Capture problem all of a sudden

    james works

      Hi all,


      Very strange thing happening when I try to capture from our usual JH3 HDCAM machine into PPro CS5.5.0 (via blackmagic card- specs below in sig)...


      via HD-SDI port I am seeing video and via remote I can control the deck and log clips, etc. But when I go to either batch capture from project panel, or capture direct from capt panel it is going through the motions and says 'Capturing...etc' however the recording counter and GB writing to disk info doesn't move - stays on 00:00:00:00. Nothing writes to disk. The tape will just carry on playing to the end unless I hit ESC to abort.


      Log report just says failed - abort (because I hit ESC) and no resulting file is written to disk. No dropped frames, just nothing!?? I am capturing HD 1080 50i uncompressed 10bit. Also tried JPEG/DVCPROHD but nothing.



      HOWEVER - Bizarrely, if I switch output on machine to SD-SDI and then change capt settings in PPro to SD PAL 16:9 it works. Also if connecting our digibeta machine capturing standard SD it is fine.



      I've not updated OS, PPro or BMD drivers and prefs are same as always been. I'm not keen on updating to 5.5.2 in middle of a project incase it throws up conflicts with other s/w & drivers - unless there is a known fix for this I've not found?


      Does anyone have any ideas?


      Thanks in advance! nightmare!!






      Production Premium CS5.5 - Mocha v1.5

      MacPro 3,1 8-core 3.2GHz / 32GB RAM / NVidia Quadro 4000 / OSX 10.6.8

      Decklink Extreme+ 3D / 3TB RAID-0 local / 6TB XServe + United Digital RAID on 10GbE