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    Adobe Flash Cs4 is missing a Panel layout


      The error message that came up was...

      XML parsing fatal error: Invalid document structure, Line:1, File: /Users/(my name)/Library/Application Support/Adobe Flash CS4/en/Configuration/Workspace/Essentials.xml


      When i click OK the same message comes up again. WHen i Click OK on this box it comes up with..


      The following panel layout is missing and cannot be read

      /Users/(my name)/Library/Application Support/Adobe Flash CS4/en/Configuration/Workspace/Essentials.xml


      The application will not have a correct layout. please load one from Windows -> Workspace


      When i went to look at The essentials file It was empty and had no writing in it.


      I have no Windows folder (i belive) but i do have a windowsSWF folder


      What do i need to do? I have seen similar problems when ive searched the forums but none of them have helped me.


      I have tried to reinstall it and the problem was still there.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          here are the cs4 Essentials.xml contents:


          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>





            <document maximize="true" rect="0 0 500 500"/>


            <panelframe dock="right" iconmodewidth="118">

              <panelcontainer expanded="true" height="692" visible="true">

                <panel height="692" id="droverproperties" unconstrainedheight="114" unconstrainedwidth="260" width="260"/>

                <panel column0id="1" column0width="230.00" column1id="2" column1width="230.00" column2id="3" column2width="70.00" column3id="4" column3width="135.00" column4id="5" column4width="70.00" filename="" height="692" id="droverlibrary" previewwithgrid="0" previewwithmoviebackground="1" sortasending="1" sortcolumn="1" splitter="0.06" unconstrainedheight="114" unconstrainedwidth="260" width="260"/>




            <panelframe dock="right" height="724" width="34" x="2" y="25">

              <panelcontainer expanded="true" height="724" visible="true">

                <panel height="1422" id="tools" unconstrainedheight="175" unconstrainedwidth="189" width="24"/>




            <panelframe dock="bottom" height="204" x="1" y="1">

              <panelcontainer expanded="true" height="180" visible="true">

                <panel height="180" id="drovertimeline" isInLayerMode="false" unconstrainedheight="180" unconstrainedwidth="600"/>

                <panel height="180" id="keyframeeditor" unconstrainedheight="180" unconstrainedwidth="600" width="1100"/>

                <panel height="180" id="output" unconstrainedheight="180" unconstrainedwidth="600" visibleTab="false"/>

                <panel height="180" id="compiler errors" unconstrainedheight="180" unconstrainedwidth="600" visibleTab="false"/>





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            WHAT do i do with?

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              that was a response to dp12 who should have copied that code, saved it to Essentials.xml in the correct directory.