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    Active/current page treatment in navigation, on master page?




      I am trying to figure out how to have a 'current' or 'active' page treatment on a given page, to show the user where they are in the site navigation. I found similar questions in this forum but no answers.


      I would like to get this to work with slices / states on the master page. My workaround has been to use the master page slices / states for rollover only, and to have the 'current page' treatment on each page (overlapping the master page layer). This is inefficient because whenever changes are made to the nav, I have to change the current page treatment on every single page.


      It seems to be this is what the master page should be useful for, no?


      Note: I am only creating a working prototype for the client that they can view in their browser. This is not intended to create final code, I leave that to my developer. I just want everything approved by the client before the design goes to my developer, and I find that working prototypes help with this.


      Thanks in advance for your kind wisdom! This is my first foray into Fireworks and so far I am finding it is way faster than Photoshop at creating mockups.