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    viewing a LR4 catalog with LR2 (iMac G5 2.1, OSX 10.5.8 latest OS and LR that 32 bit syst supports)


      Hi, I gave my mom my old G5 iMac, and want to give her a copy of my family photo database (over 70,000 files, mostly raw), which I recently updated to LR4 format. I just take an external drive, name it the same as mine, and copy over the database, keeping file structure and naming identical, so my mom can view all the photos of her grandaughter that she wants. I have done that as a backup for home on an Intel 64bit iMac. Before I send it over, and she tries it, can somone on here tell me whether #1 she will be be able to read the LR4 format and adjustments with her LR2 OS X 10.5.8 install, and whether any changes, such as creating a gallery or collection, would work, or doing exports and printing. Thanks so much!