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    What is the difference between After Effects and Premiere Pro?

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      Ok, that is the gist of my question, now for the clarification and reasons behind it.

      Imagine for a minute that there is a person who has heard of all these wonderful products and wants to work with them to possibly change careers. No,w imagine this person is a noob and has only a bit of creativity, a sprinkling of imagination, and absolutely no experience whatsoever in anything resembling a professional graphic arts, media, etc career except for some dabbling around with oil paints, watercolor, pastels, acrylics, and occasionally charcoal.

      Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your persepctive I do work on computers so those basics are covered. So now you understand my absolute lack of knowledge.

      I have been checking and finally bought Production Premium thinking I may be able to express something in Flash. The problem I am having is (other than an outdated computer) what is the real difference between the two programs I asked about? There seems to be some overlapping in their functions. Sort of a different route to accomplish the same thing. I've read the blurbs on the website and both sound very similar to my uneducated ears (eyes? mixed simile alert).


      If someone could kindly explain to me the reasons to use either of the two products and what they can do differently I would greatly appreciate it. I purchased CS5.5 Production Premium and currently have it loaded on my laptop before I install 64 bit Windows on the desktop (both at 32 bit at this time) so I currently have the trial on the laptop. I understand the differences between Illustrator and photoshop  but these two are confounding. Also I do understand the differences between 32 bit After Effects/Premier Pro and 64 bit seems to be the spiffy Mercury Playback Engine. (a quick thank you to Adobe for including the 32 bit CS4 versions of those programs for luddites such as I!).


      I await your wisdom.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          After Effects --> Compositing

          Premiere Pro --> Editing

          Flash --> (interactive) Web authoring


          Lokk up those terms in a web search. And sure, there's some overlap and always has been just liek their will be overlap with general graphics manipulation in Photoshop, but really, this is nothing anyone can explain in 5 minutes. I recomemnd you realyl try to visit a media arts school or a production facility and sit in for a few hours to understand some basic concepts and differences.