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    Sigma SD1 Merrill


      When will support for the Sigma SD1 Merrill be added Lightroom 4?

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          Cornelia-I Level 4

          Hi Neosea,


          On a user-to-user forum nobody can give you a pertinent answer regarding date.


          The obvious (and hardly useful...) answer is: either with version LR4.1 or 4.2


          New camera models and their raw formats are always introduced with dot-releases.

          For 4.1 a Release Candidate is already out, so it may be too short a leadtime to introduce more new cameras, but only the final will tell definitely.

          Sometimes you can get along with mimicking the new files as ones of its immediate predecessor - I used this following Rob Cole and his import plugin two years ago for the Canon G12 for two months.



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            Neosea Level 1

            Thank you for your reply Cornelia

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              J Clow Level 1

              I'm sorry to tell you that it might not be that rosy.


              Because the SD1 uses a foven sensor, the raw files are structured differently from other cameras, and have to be processed by Lightroom in a different way. This means that it will take them much longer to release raw support for the SD1 (if they ever do). I highly doubt taht it'll make the 4.1  release, it might be on 4.2, might be later.


              sorry to be the bearer of bad news.