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    Finding missing files when it is asking for them!

    Soshman Level 1

      I recently exported several projects that were complete with the clips and not just the abriviated clips i used in the project.


      When i go back to open the project...it asks me for missing files. Now i have exported the whole thing and it was like 330 GB

      and i have not touched this project since for anything...how could it be missing?


      More so when it asks me for a file...these files are huge...so i try to copy and paste the file name to go to my search box...but i cannot.

      Surely there must be an easier way that i am missing here.


      How cool would it be if there was a search button that would search my computer and external HDD's to find where the missing clips.


      Or i am open to there being an easy answer i am missing totally:-)






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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          What OS are you using?


          When PrPro asks, "Where is file _____ ?" it is because link to that/those file(s), which is an absolute Path, is broken. It could be that the link points to a Path, that has changed, perhaps to an external HDD that is not plugged-in, or has perhaps been assigned a new drive letter/name by the OS. Did you locate those files on an external HDD?


          PrPro should also offer the Finder, to locate the missing file(s).


          If you are on Windows, you can use the Search feature in Windows Explorer, and only need the file's name, not its full Path. I would guess that Mac's Finder, or Searchlight, is similar.


          Once you have located the first broken link file, PrPro will search in that folder, and automatically re-link to all missing files in that folder. If you have missing files (broken links) to file in several folders, you will need to repeat the task for each folder.


          Good luck,



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            Soshman Level 1

            Thanks Bill!


            I put it in three places...one on a internal ssd drive....one on an internal raid 2tb...and one ( actually two ) externals


            and all asked for the missing files


            Now today i had another editor familiar with Adobe and he said he has similar issues...and thinks is is a bug in 5.0 with its search ability

            I am not so sure and am still open to something i am not doing right.


            Today i used the search box on the upper right and manually typed in the the file that was missing...nothing showed up

            so i went to the windows icon on the lower left and put the file there and it immediately found the same file in three places where i put them.

            I think i picked the wrong one as it had to reconform and reindex.


            I couldnt remember where the project file i opened was located so i had to guess.


            I also played with re-linking.


            The fact that it searches for other missing files in the area it finds a match is great.


            Where the files go and how to find them is something i have had trouble with for years

            It must be some kind of block i have with organization:-)

            I think if i find a way to do it right in the beginning...and then know how to reopen it months later when i have forgotten i would save 90%

            of the frustration i have with video editing...it really is an issue with me.

            Can you direct me to some videos that might help ( no text to read please,,,lol)


            Thanks again Bill!


            PS when i first open Adobe and it shows me recent projects i have worked on...it only shows like 5 of them.

                  Is there a way to see a list on order of dates and times last opened ( or just in order would be good the last 10 - 20 or more projects?

                  If not this would be a great added feature for the future

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              You are most welcome.


              As for organization, there are many ways to set up folder structures for a Project. This ARTICLE outlines my most often used method. Remember, this is but one method.


              Note: as I migrate Projects between several computers, I am using FW-800 externals, and I sacrifice some performance for the portability factor. It also serves me well, when I do to Delete a finished Project, as everything is in one place. I could get more performance, if I spread things over several HDD's, say meida on a one RAID, Export to another, etc.


              For tutorials on doing many things in PrPro, I strongly recommend pouring through the PrPro FAQ's, that Todd Kopriva has put together. He covers a lot of ground there.


              Good luck,



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                BVX3001 Level 1

                I used to import media files from other project folders as needed which is normally not a problem for the first version of a project. But when you archive that completed project to a portable drive and then have to revise it a couple years down the road, finding those imported files can take forever -- if they haven't been trashed altogether. So I've found it much better to copy every media file into the current project folder before importing, rather than simply import it from where it originally was placed. So then an archived project folder will contain every asset needed to open the project.  It takes a minute longer but can save unbillable hours of  headaches down the road.


                As for a longer list of recent projects: in Windows anyway, if you have Premiere in the Start menu and hover the cursor over it, the 10 most recent edit projects/versions are shown. Hover over one of them and the file path is shown. No dates, but you could find them in Explorer of course.

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                  Soshman Level 1

                  Thanks so much again Bill!


                  And thanks to you BVX3001:-)


                  I will look at doing what you both suggest