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    Link to flv from swf that is preloaded by another swf?

    dlinen Community Member

      Okay here is the set up, It is easy to be confused I'd bet but I will try to spell it out very simple



      I have this micro site that has 4 flv videos linked from where I uploaded them.

      The videos seem to work fine, if I type in the directory to the site itself.. (mysite.com/myswf.swf)

      But when i utilize a preloader file, that loads the site, the videos do not load. I figure it is some linking break in using a preloader swf.

      Because the preloader has a different name, then the site's swf, how should I write out the directory to the flv files in the site flash file so it can load when using a preloader

      Hope this makes sense, it is probably a very simple fix.
      Thanks for your help


      EDIT: Oh, and I'm linking to these swf files directily using a pop out window, they are not embeded in a html file. could that be a contributing factor?