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    Acrobat 10.1.3 crash on quit

    ArchiPhone Level 1

      After the upgrade to Acrobat 10.1.3, now Acrobat crash after every quit. (running on MAC OS X 10.6.8)



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          dave_m_k Adobe Employee

          Good day,


          Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having.  Is Acrobat 10.1.3 crashing every time you quit the application?  Does it matter if you had a document open or not at the time of quit?


          Try moving the Acrobat preferences file \Users\<username>\Library|Preferences\com.adobe.Acrobat.Pro.plist (or .Standard.plist) to the desktop, then relaunch/quit Acrobat to see if the behavior continues.


          Let us know how it goes.


          Kind regards,


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            DAMiller468 Level 1



            I am having the same problem as ArchiPhone2.


            After the upgrade to Acrobat 10.1.3, Acrobat crashes after every quit. (MAC OS X 10.6.8)  Acrobat 10.1.3 does not quit the first time you launch the application, providing you do not open a document or access the Acrobat General Preferences dialog box. After opening a document or accessing the preferences, Acrobat will crash every time you quit the program. It does not matter if you have a document open or not.


            Moving the Acrobat preference file does not correct the problem.


            Crash Log: (Moved to URL below.)



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              I have the same issue running 10.1.3 Pro in Windows 7 64 bit. Since the update it will report a crash every time the application is exited. It

              does not matter whether or not a file is open or closed before exiting.

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                Same happens here after update to Acrobat X 10.1.3, both on Windows 7 32bit and 64 bit. Acrobat crashes always on closing with the following error:


                Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

                Application Name: Acrobat.exe

                Application Version:

                Application Timestamp: 4f7bc871

                Fault Module Name: Acrobat.dll

                Fault Module Version:

                Fault Module Timestamp: 4f7bd9b8

                Exception Code: c0000005

                Exception Offset: 000bdf75

                OS Version: 6.1.7601.

                Locale ID: 1033

                Additional Information 1: 0a9e

                Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

                Additional Information 3: 0a9e

                Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789


                It crashes only on exit if a document is open, it does not crash during working with documents (like adding boomarks, adding or deleting pages etc.)


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                  ArchiPhone Level 1

                  Acrobat 10.1.3 crash every time I quit the application. Doesn't matter if I have a document open or not at the time of quit.


                  Moving the Acrobat preferences file to the desktop does not correct the problem.

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                    Same thing happens to me. After update to 10.1.3, every time I quit the application it crashes. Doesn't affect the software but is very annoying.

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                      Exact same problem. Acrobat pro 10.1.3 and windows 7 64bit

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                        kenifriedman Level 2

                        It sounds like your Acrobat installation may be corrupt. Have you tried to repair the installation? Then restart.


                        If that does now fix the problem, you might have to uninstall Acrobat X, restart, reinstall Acrobat X, and install the updates. Then restart.

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                          KCH LTD Level 1

                          Same problem, except Acrobat 10.1.3 is crashing when I close a file, not when I quit the app. How do I "repair the installation?"


                          Also, I tried moving the plist per David's suggestion, but to no avail.

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                            Alasm49a Level 1

                            Thanks Kenifriedman. Repair seemed to work for me. KCH it is control panel>programs and features. Select Adobe acrobat X Pro, then choose Change from the options at the top. this will open a series of dialogue boxes and you want to choose "Repair".

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                              kenifriedman Level 2

                              Glad to hear that repairing the Acrobat X installation worked. Whenever I have problems like this one, I often repair the installation rather than going through a tediously complete uninstall, reinstall, apply update, and restarting the OS every time.

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                                KCH LTD Level 1

                                Thanks, kenfriedman & Alasm49a. To clarify, I'm working on a Mac platform, OS 10.6.8. I can find no way to repair the installation on a Mac. I need a Mac-friendly solution.

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                                  Do you have Enfocus Pitstop Pro installed? When i remove the plug-in Acrobat quits normally... I have opened a ticket on Enfocus support site… waiting for reply.

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                                    KCH LTD Level 1

                                    Thanks for the suggestion, EIFI, but no, I don't have Enfocus Pitstop Pro installed on my computer.

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                                      MDUDS Level 1

                                      "Repair installation" installation does not work for me (Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit), Acrobat 10.1.3 still crashes on quit.


                                      In addition to that, also the Acrobat plugin for Firefox crashes on exit of Firfefox with the error "Plugin container for Firefox has stopped working", once more "Acrobat.dll" causes the crash.


                                      My workaround at the moment: I keep some small PDF file always open, this avoids the crash.

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                                        GeorgeV808 Level 1

                                        Repair installation did not work for me, either (Windows 7 64 bit).

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                                          KCH LTD Level 1

                                          It seems to me that this is a cross-platform, Acrobat 10.1.3 bug that affects a variety of users. Has Adobe addressed it yet?

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                                            DAMiller468 Level 1

                                            KCH LTD wrote:


                                            It seems to me that this is a cross-platform, Acrobat 10.1.3 bug that affects a variety of users. Has Adobe addressed it yet?

                                            Not yet.

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                                              klasinger Level 1

                                              Same problem here:

                                              Acrobat X 10.1.3

                                              Mac OS X 10.6.8

                                              Plugins: Pitstop 10, callas pdfToolbox 5


                                              Only chashes when files are open.


                                              p.s. Where ist repair on Mac. Help says: Help > repair (but not in my case)


                                              best regards


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                                                kenifriedman Level 2

                                                Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling?


                                                I also would check the Adobe web site to see if they a "clean-uninstall tool" to completely remove all instances of Acrobat X before reinstalling. Perhaps another participant give more specific information if there is such a tool for the Mac and provide a link. This still sounds like a corrupt installation of Acrobat X.

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                                                  KCH LTD Level 1

                                                  Thanks for your input, kenifriedman. "Corrupt installation of Acrobat X." What does that mean, exactly? Is that some random bit of bad luck? If so, then why are other Mac users experiencing similar problems? The fact is, I installed the file I was prompted to install by Adobe's updater. Before I spend time uninstalling and reinstalling, I would like some assurance that it will solve the problem.

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                                                    kenifriedman Level 2

                                                    A "corrupted" installation usually means that some files that support Acrobat may have been damaged during or after the installation. That's why an Acrobat uninstall and reinstall effort using the OS' remove process may not clean up all the p[otentially corrupted files. Hence, the need for an Acrobat "clean uninstall tool," assuming there is one may be the solution to your problem.


                                                    I only offer this solution as a suggestion. I do not know anything about the Mac. I have and always will be a Windows user. If you do not wish to pursue it any further, then that's your choice. Since you posted this as a problem, I would think it certainly is worth some effort to research it further. Here is a link that may be helpful: http://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/installing-uninstalling-acrobat-x-mac.html.


                                                    A common thread seems to be the presence of the Firefox add-on for Acrobat.. Perhaps you should also consider upgrading that product to the latest level.


                                                    Like many of us who participate in these forums, we are NOT Adobe support but volunteers who try to assist other Acrobat users.


                                                    Good luck. 

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                                                      KCH LTD Level 1

                                                      I appreciate your feedback, kenifriedman. I understand that you're not Adobe support and are offering your assistance on a volunteer basis. I don't have Firefox installed on my system, so in that regard, my situation seems to be unrelated to what some other users may be experiencing. While this may be a corrupt installation as you've described, I suspect that it's a bug: a flaw in the update. Of course, that may be incorrect, but I still prefer to wait for additional verification from Adobe before uninstalling Acrobat, then reinstalling it from the original disc, then re-applying all the updates sequentially (I believe this is the necessary procedure), which may or may not solve the problem. In the interim, it looks like I can get around the problem by leaving a PDF file open at all times.


                                                      Thanks again.

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                                                        Sabian Zildjian Level 4

                                                        I was experiencing very similar behavior in Safari and Firefox. 

                                                        What I did and it seems to have worked was this:


                                                        1.  Updated to Safari 5.1.5 ( http://www.apple.com/safari/download/ ).  If you were like me you never updated to the Safari 5.1.x versions because you would lose the ability to work with Acrobat and Reader within Safari otherwise.


                                                             a.  If you read the 10.1.3 Release Notes Safari 5.1.x is now supported.





                                                        Added support for:

                                                        • Firefox 10.0.x

                                                        • Apple Safari 5.1 (64 bit) for OSX 10.6.8, Apple Safari 5.1(32-bit and 64-bit) for OSX 10.7.x


                                                        Dropped support for:

                                                        • All versions of Firefox prior to 10.0.



                                                        2.  Reboot required by the Safari 5.1.5 installation


                                                        3.  Opened both Safari and Firefox and both are stable now.


                                                        Odd behavior I would agree.


                                                        *Note:  You may lose some plugin functionality because when I looked in the /Library/Internet Plug-ins/ folder the only one that was there was a WebEx plug-in.  Everything else got moved out of that folder.

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                                                          KCH LTD Level 1

                                                          Thank Sabian. That's not it, unfortunately; I am already running Safari 5.1.5. Out of curiosity, I checked the folder: Library / Internet Plug-Ins / and it's empty, so it doesn't seem to be related to a Safari browser plugin.


                                                          I appreciate your feedback.

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                                                            ftd309 Level 1

                                                            David, Is anyone at Adobe responding to this problem?


                                                            The solutions proposed seem extreme and not addressing the problem. Everytime I quit Acrobat I get the message that the program has unexpectedly quit. I am selecting the program to quit so what gives. It is unrelated to any other programs running on my Mac. This only started after I updated to 10.1.3. If there was a simple way to uninstall the update I would.

                                                            • 27. Re: Acrobat 10.1.3 crash on quit
                                                              GeorgeV808 Level 1

                                                              In Windows 7 (64 bit) I removed the only third party plugin (which was a subfolder in the \Acrobat\plugin_ins subdirectory) and the crashing has stopped. I gave this

                                                              a try because many of the posters had plugins, although of different type and different OS.

                                                              • 28. Re: Acrobat 10.1.3 crash on quit
                                                                Rudi Sherry Adobe Employee

                                                                (I'm with Adobe's browser team, been following this for a little while but sorry haven't posted anything on this particular forum until now).



                                                                You say that Acrobat is crashing on Quit but also mentioned that you're using Safari 5.1.5.  Are you also seeing an Acrobat crash when quitting Safari?


                                                                @KCH, @Sabian:

                                                                You both say that / Library / Internet Plug-ins / is empty... that confuses me because this is where we put our plug-in.

                                                                Can you verify two things:

                                                                *  Are you looking at the top-level "Library" folder on your disk, or the "Library" folder in your home directory /Users/<your-user-name>/Library ?

                                                                    ..... You should be looking in the former, and see AdobePDFViewer.plugin and AdobePDFViewerNPAPI.plugin.

                                                                *  Are you seeing Adobe Reader in Safari, or the native Mac OS X Preview?

                                                                    ..... Mac OS X Preview has a slightly different HUD with a magnifying glass instead of +/- for zoom, and a different right-click menu).

                                                                • 29. Re: Acrobat 10.1.3 crash on quit
                                                                  KCH LTD Level 1

                                                                  Hi, browserpdfman. Thanks for your input.


                                                                  First, allow me to clarify: the problem that I've been experiencing since updating to 10.1.3 is that after I launch Acrobat -- either by double-clicking the application icon itself or double-clicking a PDF file -- the program crashes when I close the PDF file, not when I quit the application. In other words:


                                                                  I launch Acrobat ... I open a PDF .... I close the file, either by selecting command W or I clicking the red circle in the upper-left corner of the document's toolbar ... Acrobat crashes.


                                                                  To further confuse the situation, this doesn't happen every time -- it happens about 70% of the time. However, it never happened before installing the 10.1.3 update. The workaround seems to that as long as I leave a PDF file open on my desktop, I can open and close other PDFs with no problem. Acrobat only crashes when I close a PDF and there are no other PDFs open.


                                                                  Regarding your Plug-Ins question: You were correct; I was looking in my User / Library folder previously. I went into my Macintosh HD / Library folder and both the AdobePDFViewer.plugin and the AdobePDFViewerNPAPI.plugin are there, as you said they should be.


                                                                  Regarding your Adobe Reader question: Yes, I am now seeing Adobe Reader in Safari. This just started recently -- maybe with the update to 10.1.3.

                                                                  • 30. Re: Acrobat 10.1.3 crash on quit
                                                                    Rudi Sherry Adobe Employee

                                                                    OK, thanks for elaborating.  Since I haven't been able to reproduce this problem I'm reduced to asking more and more specific questions, unfortunately to the point of being almost insanely picky ;(


                                                                    Your last post say you launch Adobe *Acrobat*, and it also says you are seeing Adobe *Reader* in Safari.  This is allowed, and valid, but users with the latest version of Acrobat generally don't get Adobe Reader.  Can you confirm that you have both, or just Acrobat or just Reader?


                                                                    The crash stack you listed there as com.adobe.AcrobatPlugin.WebLink in the crash stack, and that is not loaded into the application unless there are links in the PDF.  Since you say it happens about 70% of the time, it's possible that it only happens if you have WebLink loaded.  Can you find a plain vanilla PDF without WebLinks and open that, and close it (as the last one) and see if that crashes?


                                                                    One last question: can you make sure you have no 3rd-party plugins in your Acrobat (or Reader) Plug-ins folder?

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                                                                      KCH LTD Level 1

                                                                      Application: I have Adobe Acrobat Pro X -- the full version that comes with CS 5.5 Design Premium.


                                                                      PDF with no weblinks: I just confirmed that the problem is present when I close a simple PDF with no text or weblinks.


                                                                      Acrobat in Safai: When I download a PDF in Safari, here's the toolbar I see (I hope this helps).

                                                                      • 32. Re: Acrobat 10.1.3 crash on quit
                                                                        vamalik Level 2


                                                                        As per most of the responses above, I could figure out that some third-party plug-ins are causing these crashes and removing them solves the problem in those cases.

                                                                        To look into the problem, can someone provide me the crash dump following the steps mentioned below.


                                                                        On Windows 7 machine, when your Acrobat crashes, go to Task Manager->Processes and right click on Acrobat.exe process. There will be an option to create dump file. Select that option and share across this dump file via any file sharing server.

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                                                                          pr1ntd3s1gn3r Level 1

                                                                          OS X 10.7.3 | Acrobat 10.1.3 Pro | Pitstop Pro 10


                                                                          Crashes on every exit since upgrading from 10.1.2 to 10.1.3, with document/plugins open or not.


                                                                          If anyone's interested, I can supply more info - I've already submitted a bug report.  Will keep checking back for updates.

                                                                          • 34. Re: Acrobat 10.1.3 crash on quit
                                                                            Sabian Zildjian Level 4



                                                                            You were right.  I was looking at the /Users/[myAccount]/Library/Internet Plug-ins/ folder.  The /Library/Internet Plug-ins/ folder shows all of the plug-ins.


                                                                            Just as an update while the browsers seemed to be behaving, Acrobat was still crashing.  I ended up uninstalling and then reinstalling Acrobat.  Seems much more stable on both ends browser and standalone.

                                                                            • 35. Re: Acrobat 10.1.3 crash on quit
                                                                              DAMiller468 Level 1

                                                                              Mac OS X v10.6.8 | Acrobat Pro v10.1.3 | PitStop Pro 10 Build 101578


                                                                              After disabling all plug-ins temporarily, Acrobat Pro v10.1.3 no longer crashes on every exit or quit. This would indicate a problem with a plug-in.


                                                                              (To disable all plug-ins temporarily, press the Shift key after starting Acrobat. Make sure your plug-ins are disabled before testing. Their menu items/functionality will no longer be present in Acrobat.)


                                                                              The crashing problem stopped when plug-ins were disabled.


                                                                              I disabled PitStop Pro 10 Build 101578 and left my other plug-in active. The problem is gone, so, it looks like a problem with PitStop Pro 10.


                                                                              How to disable individual plug-ins:

                                                                              http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Acrobat/9.0/Standard/WS288D6DAE-818B-4313-B698-321631053A3D.w. html


                                                                              If you determine that your problem is PitStop Pro 10, please report your problem here:



                                                                              Good luck.

                                                                              • 36. Re: Acrobat 10.1.3 crash on quit
                                                                                KCH LTD Level 1

                                                                                Thanks for the suggestion, DAMiller468. I do not have any Acrobat plugins installed (the plugins folder is empty), so that isn't the solution for me.

                                                                                • 37. Re: Acrobat 10.1.3 crash on quit
                                                                                  DAMiller468 Level 1

                                                                                  I understand KCH LTD.


                                                                                  I was responding to the original post "Acrobat 10.1.3 crash on quit" in Mac OS v10.6.8. Not, "close on file", browser-related issues, or the Windows problems reported afterwards.


                                                                                  I was able to close files without crashing. The app would crash after quitting. (On multiple computers with similar configurations.) There are several different problems going on in this thread.

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Acrobat 10.1.3 crash on quit
                                                                                    pr1ntd3s1gn3r Level 1

                                                                                    DAMiller:  two things...


                                                                                    1.  The moment I release the Shift key after Acrobat starts, it crashes - that's even worse behavior than crashing on quit!

                                                                                    2.  The Pitstop plugin hasn't cause a single problem until upgrading to 10.1.3.  If I could remove the 10.1.3 patch and go back to 10.1.2, I would have no problems.  This indicates that the problem is on Adobe's side of the fence.  I will NOT be upgrading to Pitstop 11 just to fix something Adobe has broken.  If anything, I'll reinstall Acrobat, upgrade to 10.1.2, turn updates off and start considering alternatives to Acrobat, which I've been pressured by my 'higher-ups' to do for years and have successfully resisted.  We have plenty of viable options now, so Adobe wants to fix whatever it is they broke.


                                                                                    Interesting how 10.1.3 addressed "crash on quit problems" for some 10.1.2 users and started causing it for many more (so it seems).


                                                                                    I'm sure Adboe will get it figured out

                                                                                    • 39. Re: Acrobat 10.1.3 crash on quit
                                                                                      KCH LTD Level 1



                                                                                      Some users are experiencing problems with plugins; others, like me, don't have any plugins installed. Some users are crashing when quitting and some are crashing when merely closing files. And if I understand your post correctly, you're essentially crashing at startup.


                                                                                      The one constant in all cases seems to be that problems began once the Acrobat Pro 10.1.3 upgrade was installed.

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