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    Photoshop 10 shuts down by itself.


      When I launch photoshop or Premiere for that matter, everything looks normal. When I move on to open the organizer it opens...for a few seconds, then shut down completely (photoshop that is) I can open the edit secion, but after the shut down, I need to reeboot the PC in order for me to start it again, but only to see the same thing happend again...I changed the setting so photoshop would by default open in the organizer, but since it shuts down, now I can't evenm change back the setting so I can access the edit section, as it shuts down on me before I can blink !  I am running on Windows 7, and it has not previously given me problems. I am afraid to reinstall the whole thing as I am worried I will loose my pictures. Any bright ideas anyone ?

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          photodrawken Level 5

          Bypass the Unwelcome Screen by creating Desktop shortcuts for the Organizer and the Editor, and restarting your computer.


          The Editor's executable is:

          "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 10\PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe"


          The Organizer's executable is:

          "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Elements 10 Organizer\PhotoshopElementsOrganizer.exe"


          The Unwelcome Screen leaves a zombie process running which prevents the actual program from launching again.



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            noscreennameavbl Level 1

            I did that, but it does exactl the same thing when I try to open with the new shortcut. Opens with a picture from my album, and seconds later shut it down. But thanks .

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              photodrawken Level 5

              Are you opening the photo by selecting it in the Organizer, and using "Edit with PSE"?


              Can you open and use the Editor from the new shortcut?



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                noscreennameavbl Level 1

                ohh, I am such an idiot whit this. Not sure what you mean. I created a shortcut from the editor (cant find the organizer) and when I open that through the new shortcut, I can select by doubble clicking the organize in the top right corner. The screen answer is "Loading the organizer workspace". hereafter I get a nano second view of the organizer page, but nothing more than that..., second time I double click, it gives me the organizer and then everything from there is normal. If I on the organizer in the editor view only click once, I stil get the brief glimpse of the organizer screen, but second time, I only get the drop down bar whater I click once or twice !!


                At least I can work with it now, but I have no idea how this is working, or whats wrong...


                I recently added 3 movies to the organizer, that I worked with in premier, incl a few pictures as cover photos that I took of the net. All avbl. in the organizer.

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                  Check out http://bit.ly/IFV1gK if it helps in some way. This lists some of the basic troubleshooting steps for Organizer.

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                    photodrawken Level 5

                    That's a interesting thought about the video files.  A couple of things to try:

                    1. When you can get the Organizer to start, use the Catalog Manager to repair, then optimize the catalog.
                    2. Delete the videos from the catalog (and not from your drive) to see if they're causing the problem.