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    Lightroom 4 and xrite on Mac




      I have the problem with lightroom 4.

      In lighroom 3.6 it worked well making a profile with xrite and then automatically you could find

      the made profile in  Camera Calibration and profile.

      You make a photo with the xrite profile. Then export it in Lightroom.

      You see lightroom is saving the profile in the upper corner.

      (To here it is working the same as before)

      After this I cannot find the profile in Cameracalibrations. I see other profiles but not the new made one.

      I can see Xrite in Library/Application support/Adobe/Lighroom/Modules.


      I tried to solve it by exporting the profile by hand as dng this works as well but I cannot see

      the file in Lightroom.


      I have already asked the same question at xrite but they say it should work normal with Lightroom4.


      Who could help me?

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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

          Are you sure you are looking at images from the same camera model in Lightroom as you were using to build the profile?  (Profiles are model-specific.)



          Are you sure you are processing raw files in Lightroom?  (Profiles are currently only available for raw files, not JPEG/TIFF, etc.)

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            0612881609 Level 1

            In Library I can see my Camera Nikon D90

            In the description of of the files I can see NEF.


            Both correct?

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              I am having exactly teh same behaviour with LR4... someting that worked fine in LR3 with Canon 5D MKII no longer works (i cannot see any custim DNG profiles from my xrite ColorMunki) and new profiles created for my Canon 5D MKIII are not available either... i defintely have profiles for both cameras but neither appear in LR nterface... i have only the Adobe Standard and Camera * profiles listed.  The custom profiles are in the Library/Application Support/Adobe/Camera Raw folder which is where they are placed automatically by teh xrite software.


              Any suggestion son what this might be woudl be much apprecaited.

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                simon.ransom Level 1

                OK... digging into this, i woudl appreciate if someone more knowledgable than i coudl confirm my understadning of this...


                PS5.5 uses ACR6.7 (RC1) which has support for Canon 5D MKIII CR2 files

                PS6 uses ACR7.0 which does NOT have support for Canon 5D MKIII CR2 files

                LR4.1 (RC2) uses which ACR7.1 so by default does not have support for Canon 5D MKIII CR2 files for processing... i can import my CR2 files directly but they are being processed with ACR7.1...


                i suppose the questions are...


                If ACR7.1 does not have official support for 5D MKIII CR2 files, will any custom DNG profiles for the camera show up in LR4 if it is using ACR 7.1?


                Is it possible to make LR4 use ACR 6.7?


                Thanks in advance for any suggestion or ideas on this challenge!

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                  0612881609 Level 1

                  You need to find first your camera profile (for me D90m Nikon) in the directory of ligtroom 4 in your computer.

                  You find this in the directory Camera Profiles.

                  Under this tree you put your xrite file made by hand. (photo save as dng file on your desktop and then drag it to xrite).





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                    simon.ransom Level 1

                    Hello Jan


                    The Camera Profiles folder that x-rite puts the DNG profiles into automatically is ~/Users/username/Library/Applications Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles/ on my Mac OSX 10.7 and there are no camera folders there... I have tried creating a new folder but it makes no difference.  I am thinking it is more an issue relating to CameraRaw version than anything else.  I tried to go backwards to LR3 but it refuses to upgrade ACR from 6.6 to 6.7 so that does not want to work either...


                    I have just put a MKII profile manually into the ~/Library/Applications Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles/ folder and it is then available for photos taken with my MKII in LR3... and in LR4... and while writing this reply i have also done teh same with a MKIII profile and it works in LR4... so this is an issue with the location that x-rite is placing teh profile in more than anything else!


                    Thanks for helping me think this through!

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                      MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

                      The X-Rite software should be placing new profiles into the user folder, rather than the system (shared) folder, e.g.,


                      /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles


                      Profiles that are placed in that directory will show up in both Camera Raw and Lightroom, but be aware that the profiles are model specific and only work for raw files.

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                        simon.ransom Level 1

                        Hello MadManChan2000


                        x-rite is placing the profiles in the user folder but they are not being seen by LR... if i copy them to the ~/Library/Applications Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles/ folder (system level rather than user) they are found and available in LR.  forgot to mention that my ACR and LR user preferences folders are symbiotic links to folders in my DropBox account to enable syncing between two machines, that could have something to do with them not being available when in the users folder...


                        I do however have it all working now through sneaky symbiotic link to system CameraProfiles folder "through" my dropbox folder...


                        User level CameraRaw folder is symbiotic link to DropBox CameraRaw folder

                        DropBox CameraRaw folder is symbiotic link to System level CameraRaw folder


                        x-rite places new profile into user level CameraRaw folder and it appears everywhere...


                        Maybe not the most elegant solution but it works... at the other end of DropBox on my laptop i do however have to do a manual sync of the two folders... i can't have it all my way i suppose

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                          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

                          Not sure if this is a typo or not, but you typed this,



                          ~/Library/Applications Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles/



                          which is the user folder, not the system folder. The tilde is a shortcut for your home folder (i.e., user folder). I think you understand this, but just wanted to confirm.

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                            simon.ransom Level 1

                            nope, my  mistake... thought the tilde was to show root level...


                            Profile is defintely found by LR and ACR when it is in the system level but not when it is in teh user level CameraProfiles folder


                            Thanks for your input...