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    Flash media server 4.5 log files filed x-sname and x-event detials

    Brijesh Gupta sapple

      Dear Guys,


      I am using flash media server 4.5 for video streaming and genrate log files. In log file i have found the user publish point name in "x-sname" filed but this filed contains blank values in many events.


      This fileds contains value only in "PUBLISH,UN_PUBLISH,RECORD and PUBLISH_CONTONUE" event and other then these 4 events all events are not user related event.?


      I like to fetch the user bandwidth detials using these log files which user used how many bandwidth.



      I also like to know I can see serval files on flash log folder name "access.00.log,access001.log........ and admin.00.log,admin.001.log" Any one please explain what is the name convation for this filed how can i identifiy which files contains information for which date.?