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      Can a file be renamed without the complicated use of renaming them on the desktop and synching with iTunes?

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          Pat Wibbeler techies

          Currently, we don't have a way to rename a file. Thank you for your feedback.

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            Stuart Nash

            I too would love to have an easy way to rename files on the iPad directly without having to rename using the hack hbarrison mentioned. Come on guys, it is a really simple feature being requested!!!!!!

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              Pat Wibbeler techies

              The hard part is that we have limited resources and many simple and difficult features requested (e.g. annotations, forms) so we work hard to prioritize them. We also have to think about a bigger picture. Is rename something that works well in our current experience design? What's the best interaction model for rename that is usable but doesn't clutter the interface while scaling to what may eventually be a full-fledged file manager (folders, delete, move, tagging, sorting ...)? We're working hard on our next release and I expect taht many will find the new features to be great, while some will find something msising. Thanks for your feedback - this is a request that we're giving some thought, though I can't promise when we'll get to it.

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                Good Grief!  This is a must-have feature...


                ~Charlie Brown

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                  Pat Wibbeler techies

                  So are forms, commenting, text selection and a host of other features we just released. Unfortunately, this release does not include a rename file function.


                  I do have one question - which version of ios are you using? Older versions of the operating system used convoluted names when files were opened from Mail or Safari. Newer versions of the os give us the proper name of the file. This might make the "rename" issue less important for you. Please let me know if this is the case. We do hear the rename request from time to time, but we hear it much less frequently after Apple updated ios to give proper filenames when opening files from Safari and Mail.



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                    It's not a problem with programs or OS but with how other devices create PDF documents. Our copier will allow an override of the auto numerical naming, but it takes several steps and is a hassle to type. Much easier to let it email me the default, then rename in an App like GoodReader. Most PDF readers have the feature, and I'd vote RENAMING over the "must haves" you list in the new release.

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                      Pat Wibbeler techies

                      Thank you - this is an excellent case I hadn't considered (emailing to a mobile device from another device where authoring the name is painful). We've certainly heard the request to rename before, and I'll add another "vote" for that in our prioritization. Thank you for taking the time to explain your request.

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                        Second vote for rename. Most of the time my PDF files get turned into "gibberish name.pdf." This is a feature your competetors have.


                        How do people "rename" in itunes?

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                          While the iOS is important, it cant be the primary variable. I have various versions on my devices. I have 4.1 on my iPad and can't upgrade due to apps requiring that iOS, and 5.1 on my iPhone. Most of the time I'm receiving a PDF in an email and don't control the name.  Therefore, the name is whatever it's named when received. I understand the need for prioritizing and would hope this one moves up the list.

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                            Keny Woo

                            I too find RENAME is a must-have feature. I don't mind to pick up a proper name before I sync the file to my iPad, but sometimes I need to download PDF files directly inside Safari and open it in Adobe Reader, which ends up to be a bunch of weirdly named files for which I can not figure out which is which without actually openning it.

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                              Pat Wibbeler techies

                              Many folks will find that uprading to ios 5 eliminates the "jibberish" problem. I do understand that this is not an option for people like larrybox9999 and that regardless, people would like to be able to rename even regular files. This is something we're actively considering for a future release. Please watch as we continue to improve the app!

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                                Add me to the list, would love to see this feature!

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                                  I also vote for a rename function. People send me pdf's all the time with non-descriptive names. I'd love to be able to rename them so I can tell the difference between 453279.pdf and 8642976. PDF!

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                                    Pat Wibbeler techies

                                    This feature is now available in the Document browser for the Adobe Reader. Simply tap on the edit button and tap the button with the "I..." picture.