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    Will they ever address some of the fit and finish issues?

    Scott Swigart

      There seems to be a bunch of nagging usability / fit and finish issues that never get addressed from one version to the next.  Such as:


      1. I can go from LR to PS just fine, and make edits, but when I save and am back in LR something's busted.  Any edit I make to the photo acts like something in LR has internally crashed and rebooted.  There's a delay, the image disappears and comes back, etc.  It's basically unusable until I close and reopen LR.
      2. The way you can use + and - to adjust things like exposure and WB doesn't work if you're in the adjustment brush.  You have to move the slider or enter a number.  Boo!  It would be great for productivity to be able to just click the brush exposure and +/- to bump the amount up/down.
      3. I can edit the size of the adjustment brush with [ and ], but then I want to change the size of the erase brush, so I hold down ALT and the brush switches to the erase brush, and I try to use [ and ] to change the size of it.  No dice.  Have to go over to the slider. 


      Any of you have your top fit and finish issues you'd like to add to the list?


      Also, I don't mean to say LR isn't great, and that LR4 isn't a huge improvement.  I *love* having WB settings for the adjustment brush.  This has been huge for correcting photos shot under cruddy / mixed light.