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    FMS proxying HTTP, problems in POP request.

    Luis Sanchez Tapia



      I'm using FMS development version ( last version ), I activated FMS as proxy for HTTP server, this is part of fms.ini :



      ADAPTOR.HOSTPORT = :1935,80

      HTTPPROXY.HOST = localhost:82


      On port 82 I'm running apache, that is installed from default repositories of the amazon EC2 server ( Linux AMI ), here runs a website ( Drupal ).


      There is other website that runs in https, where we record video from webcam to FMS server and play recorded video, with no problems.


      The problem is in http site, the navigation across the whole site works fine but not in some POST request, when I try to login into drupal admin works for all browsers in windows but not for Chrome in Linux. When I try to create a new content by web ( use a form sending info by POST ) doesn't work for any browser, looks like FMS took that request as video-stremming and doesn't pass to apache server. ( Everything on Drupal site works if we don't use FMS as proxy in port 80 )


      What can I do to fix that? is that a bug just for FMS development version?





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          Amit Kumar Adobe Employee



          I dont see any issue with either "GET" or "POST" request when I use FMS as proxy and route these requests to any other HTTP server. I tried with the same settings as you mentioned above.

          Can you let me know what FMS version are you using and also any of the request which is not being proxied I will try to simulate something similar to repro the problem.



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            Luis Sanchez Tapia Level 1

            Hello Amit,


            We are using Flash Media Server Developlent Version 4.5, the operative system is Linux AMI ( from Amazon EC2 ).


            Whe use a drupal site, this site works fine if no fms proxy is used. On the site is activated the blog module, the problem is we couldn't create a post, when I see the apache logs I didn't see any request in log, for that reason I think fms-server tooks as a streaming request.




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              We have similar problem, when FMS(port 80) is taken as proxy of Apache(port 8080).


              When a POST from client to server, in >50%, no response from the server, and I captured the packets using wireshark, found that no 200OK from http server.


              To figure out if it is the problem of Apache or FMS, we access the web form in port 8080 to Apache directly, the 200OK is sent back very immediately in 100%. So we can draw a conclusion that the problem is from FMS.


              So FMS guys,could you figure out how to solve it???

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                SE_0208 Adobe Employee

                Please upgrade to 4.5.1. In 4.5.1 we made change where in Apache now is in front of FMS and proxies RTMPT traffic to FMS. So you can hit all your HTTP traffic directly to Apache without proxying it to FMS - though this would have some hit on RTMPT performance.