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    Need TOC help in RH9


      I have converted both a WinHelp Project (hpj) and a WinHelp file (hlp) to RH 9, and I cannot figure out how to get the TOC to apear as I would like.   My goal is to have the Chapter Titles from the FrameMaker book file appear in the help file TOC, like this:




      When I converted the hpj, I auto-created the TOC, and got a list of what appears to be every level heading in the book, with the ? icon for all topics.  When I converted the HLP, the TOC appearance was closer to what I was expecting, but instead of using the chapter titles, it used what appears to be the rtf file names, instead of the chapter titles.


      The original winhelp files were built using WebWorks Pro, from FrameMaker 7 book files.  I have TCS 3.5, but have not converted the help book file over yet, for reasons waaaaaay too complicated to go into here.


      Can somebody steer me in the right direction?



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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Well, if you don't want to go the route of TCS, then you're left with manually messing around with the ToC in RH. Not sure what answer you expected. You say you've got a ToC with too much stuff - start pruning the ToC and moving stuff around. There's not necessarily any relation to the structure of your ToC and your topics in your project.


          BTW - going the TCS route is fairly easy

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            DebbyT01 Level 1

            It is not a matter of not wanting to go the route of TCS, it is that the product I am writing for needs to have the help files in a format not supported by RH9.  I have to keep my Frame files in FM7 in order to generate the required output via the archaic WebWorks Pro.  I am working with RH to develop a compatible output so that I can move forward with the TCS migration.


            As a new RH user, I was looking for advice on a potential setting (that I’m not yet aware of) that would allow only specific levels of headings to be included in the TOC.

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              rlauriston Level 1

              Is the source still in FrameMaker? If so, try creating a second TOC in FrameMaker containing only the heading levels you want.

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                DebbyT01 Level 1

                Thanks rlauriston – I thought that by converting an existing project or help file, I would get only the levels I want, since that’s what is in the original files.  I will take a second look at what exactly is included in the source files.

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                  Hi Debby,


                  Do I understand correctly that you want to use the Auto Create TOC option from within RH?


                  If so, that TOC is based on topics and folders in your Project Manager. If you want to change how it creates that TOC, you need to rearrange your content within the Project Manager, and add/remove folders as needed.




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                    Tech Comm Tools Adobe Community Professional

                    arghh, was logged in under my AATC Adobe ID...this is my "usual" forum ID...

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                      rlauriston Level 1

                      That's how it works for me. Using the default WebHelp settings, when I import a FrameMaker project, only the headings in the "Included" list in the Set Up Table of Contents dialog in FrameMaker show up in the TOC of the generated WebHelp. In RoboHelp, the FrameMaker Document Settings dialog has Convert FrameMaker Table of Contents checked and "Create new associated TOC" selected.

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                        DebbyT01 Level 1

                        Thank you, that makes sense. I will give it a try…stay tuned ☺