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    Using Muse for Intranet

    smvope85 Level 1

      My company will be using Muse as an intranet hosted on our server.  What is the best way of exporting the muse file and getting it onto our internal FTP to be used as our intranet?*

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          Level 5

          This is something that you will need to discuss with your IT department. It should really be no different than if you were posting to a public internet server.


          Export HTML from Muse and copy those files to your intranet's document root.


          Intranets are typically used for searching for company documents. As Muse does not offer any search function, it seems an odd choice for an intranet.

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            Prateek Aggarwal Adobe Employee

            Hi !


            In this case what you can do is, if you have an internal host, you can place the exported files there.

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              Dave Cooperstein

              We have created an Intranet page hosted on our server.  And exported the HTML to a folder location on the server.


              However, when opening the Intranet (index.html) through Internet Explorer, it loads all of the .html files without any problem, BUT it is NOT running any of the Java scripts. So the Menu widgets simply do not run, and the Image Thumbnail Widgets do not run, etc.


              They do, however, load and work fine using Chrome.


              Any reason why the Muse created site WOULD work in Chrome (html and java), but not in Internet Explorer?


              It works in both browsers when the site is hosted on a local hard drive (C:).


              Any help would be appreciated!


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                Sachin Hasija Adobe Employee

                Hello Dave,


                It must be some security settings of Internet Explorer that has been set by your organization's IT department specifically for Intranet. Would suggest you to contact them and check if the security settings can be lowered down or if they have any workaround for you.




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                  Dave Cooperstein Level 1

                  We spent all day trouble shooting the problem, and we discovered what is going on....


                  IE9 was set to "Display Intranet sites in Compatibility View". (under Tools > Compatibility View settings).


                  As soon as we UNCHECK that option, the Muse site displays and functions wonderfully on the Intranet running off of our server.


                  We are going to check with our IT consultants to see if we can manage this setting through Group Policies, so we don't have to go to everyone's computer to Uncheck this setting.


                  It would be nice if Muse could somehow tell the Browser to NOT run in Compatibility Mode.


                  This web page doesn't mean much to me, but maybe it will help the folks at Abobe figure out how to tell Muse to turn Compatibility Mode OFF...


                  http://tesmond.blogspot.com/2011/10/ie9-intranet-compatibility-mode-in.html#!/2011/10/ie9- intranet-compatibility-mode-in.html


                  Hope this helps someone else.