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    Lightroom 4 crashes on importing any work-arounds or fixes?


      I have Lightroom 4 and cannot use import. Everytime it crashes the program. Windows 7 64-bit intel i7 with 16 gigs ram 4- 1 terabyte drives. So it not the system. Adobe fails in support they have no way to contact them.

      So if anyone has a solution to the problem please passs it along!

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          Mylenium MVP

          Ask such specific questions on the proper LR forum and provide a more detailed description of what you are actually trying to do.



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            jfalsken Community Member

            Ok, funny thing Lightroom is listed as Photoshop Lightroom from the support user page. This is where their link takes me. Asking a question gives me answer to every other program, but lightroom. Even with lightroom 4 as the lead in my question. Yet it took me here.


            Sorry, about getting the wrong user group! This is where the lightroom support link took me! I am not exactly happy about about that mix up either. I just want the problem to go away and this is the card, I have been dealt, By the support link at ADOBE.


            What, I am trying to do, is a simple import in lightroom 4. But the program creates a error and windows 7 pop-ups and opens to this message; This program created an error. Windows will try to find a solution, Windows couldn't find a solution and has to shut down program for this error. Which means, I cannot connect my Cameras to the computer to download the images into the catalog of Lightroom 4. I cannot import images from a second hard-drive. Or any device connected by usb or SATA.  This means there is no way to get images into Lightroom to work with them or store them in the catalog. Importing is the only item that isn't working within lightroom 4. Un-installing lightroom and all catalogs,  then running defrag, Registry cleaner before re-installing fails to fix the problem. Un-installing and re-installing lightroom 3.6 fails to fix the problem as well.


            Photoshop CS 5 runs great and I am looking forward to Photoshop CS6. Lightroom is what Bridge should be. Which is why, I purchased it.

            Since Adobe no longer offers support and all links point to wrong pages. I am guessing, I wasted my money on software that will not run as promised and there is no solution for this issue. I have a cataloging program that will not import image files into the catalog. The support links in Lightroom offer no solution, no way of asking anything other than install and registering questions. Support issues cannot be asked. Relying on user groups instead and the links fail to take a person to the correct user group! I am giving it an "F" on support! Then I have made you upset by showing up in the wrong user group. Wonderful and I am still without a solution to the problem!


            With responses such as these below small wonder anyone can get to the right place to ask techn support questions


            MY question was; Lightroom 4 crashes on importing any work-arounds or fixes?

            So, why do all the links not reflect my question and take me to the correct user group?

            Why no way of asking support at Adobe on techn matters other than installing, registering products issues?

            What are the reasons for making the process of finding solutions so hard, when they will not offer techn support?

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              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

              Moving this discussion to the Photoshop Lightroom forum.  Jfalsken you might also want to review or bookmark the Lightroom help page - http://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom.html.  I did verify the link from the Lightroom help page does take you to the Lighroom forum directly. 

              If you go to our general support page though we direct you to Downloading, Installation, and Set up forum since we are providing support on the main page in those categories.

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                Geoff the kiwiw MVP

                Thanks for moving this here Jeff, Jfaisken I'm sure there will be someone along who can answer your question about Lr4 crashing on Windows, sprry I am a Mac user. You could also ask on Lightroomforums.net where a group of experts offer free support as well.

                Have you updated Windows at all lately??

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                  trshaner ACP/MVP

                  Try deleting the preferences file. If corrupted it can cause many different types of "strange behavior:" It's a good idea to also place a copy of your preferences file on the desktop. This will save you from having to re-enter all your preference settings if this does not fix your problem. Simply replace it in the same location.




                  Close Lightroom and delete only the preferences file 'Lightroom 4 Preferences.agprefs' located in:




                  LR will create a new preferences on the next launch. See if that clears up the Import crash.

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                    jfalsken Community Member

                    Deleting the pref file didn't clear up problem. Currently the only way to import is by computer's built in media card reader and Setting up/running auto import. Clicking on import button or using menu import feature, results in program error and system has to shut down Lightroom. So does importing from a second hard-drive and usb connections are also down. Cannot connect camera via usb to import files. I can create a empty folder on the same hard-drive that contains Lightroom. Then using auto import to set up a empty folder to watch. Also using the built in media card reader and setting up auto-import to detect when a memory-card is inserted, can I get files to import. All direct routes to import into lightroom fail and program crashes. Removing Lightroom 4 and reinstalling lightroom 3.6 doesn't fix the problem. Problem is limited to home-based computer. My laptop works fine and has the same updates as the home-based unit. Only difference is the laptop has a AMD cpu and the home-based is Intel i7. Lightroom keeps asking for a Camera raw 7.0 to be installed for files being edited in photoshop CS 5.1, states using the update within photoshop's help menu to find the new release, Which it doesn't! I wonder, if this camera raw missing update isn't apart of the importing issue. With both photoshop and lightroom asking for different versions of camera raw. The current version of camera raw in photoshop is 6.6, there is nothing to be found reflecting a camera raw 7.0 exisiting on the Adobe site, even in Adobe Labs section. I would prefer that Lightroom 4 worked as promised with all the features that older versions could perform, but it's looking like Adobe Bridge is the only way to get files into computer. Nothing seems to fix this lightroom 4 importing failure!

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                      trshaner ACP/MVP

                      Prior to loading LR4 were you running LR3.6 on this Windows 7 desktop system with no issues?


                      LR4 requires ACR 6.7 RC for 'Edit In' PS CS5. LR's ACR processing engine is integrated and runs completely independent of the ACR application engine. In fact the current ACR 6.7 RC does not provide all of the Develop features available in LR4. PS CS6 uses ACR7, which has all the new Develop features available in LR4.