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    Comments in PDF files on Ipad2


      So, I have made some comments in ipad 2 and in the latest version of your reader. But they were not saved. I tried to export my document - again no notes and comments. And after I reopened my document they dissapeared. Why?

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          Pat Wibbeler techies

          When you reopen the document, are you opening it in Adobe Reader or another application? When you open it the first time in Adobe Reader, where are you opening it from? Can you share the name of the application and email the document you are editing to pawibbel@adobe.com?


          Some applications do not support viewing comments even though it is part of the ISO PDF standard. However, if you are opening it in Adobe Reader, we'd expect you to be able to view the comments. If it is not working, I'd like to troubleshoot the problem.


          Thank you for your question.



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            I just got the latest update 10.2.1 released June 14 2012. I still cannot add notes or comments on iPad2. The document is secured from edits however notes and comments can be added to this document when opened on a PC.  Will this feature work soon on the iPad?