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    Pan & Zoom going fullscreen

    akalollip Level 1

      Hi there,


      After having finished our first single-folio publication, there’s one thing I felt shy off in the Overlay Creator possibilities.


      It would have been great to allow a pan & zoom frame to go fullscreen on tap. Such a feature being optional, it would allow either an in-frame pan&zoom-browsing of the image, or a fullscreen mode similar to the one available with video (with a ‘ok’ button appearing on tap and quitting the fullscreen mode). This would allow more flexibility in layouts, allowing thumbnails to lead to a fullscreen pan & zoom, thus profiting from the whole screen area and providing a more immersive experience.


      For now, I have been playing with an ersatz for this, using MSO to get from a thumbnail to a fullscreen image (and you can’t zoom further in the big picture), but it turns out to be very heavy and having several of these work-arounds in an article can make the browsing very slow (on ipad rotation for instance).


      I hope this is possible in a near future, for our next app perhaps…


      Btw, thanks for all the work put in constantly improving the tools !