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    Swf to Animated Gif

    00Arka00 Level 1

      Hey guys,


      I tried everything and read multiple forums on the topic but nothing still seems to work. I am trying to save a fla file i made (a banner) as an animated gif using Flash Professional CS5. Here is everything i did and tried and i am out of ideas!

      - set the publish settings to Gif and in the Gif settings, selected animated and loop continuuously (also tried "repeat 2 times")

      - tried playign with all the other settings like color and all just in case checking and unchecking the option boxes in that tab.

      - tried publishing straight from that tab, or saving the settings, exiting and publishing from File --> Publish

      - tried using Firefox or Explorer 9 (and an older version too but dont remember which) to view the file and all i see is an empty white box on white background.

      - Even tried downloading a freeware that converts from swf to animated gif to see if the browser was the problem. It didnt really work but it got two elements from the banner to display as a static image.

      - Made all my animation in the main menu. Its not really complicated animation, just a timeline with a dozen layers that show things at different times. Simple color background with text appearing and disapearing. Tried creating objects and motion tweens just for the fun to see if that would stick even though ididnt really add any motion and that didnt work either.


      I just dont know what else to try. Am i missing something? I jsut started using flash but got the hang of most of it and my swf banners work. But i may be overlooking something really simple that i just dont know yet...